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MIROITERIE (Paris) – 28th August 2013

August 30, 2013

Massicot, les Louise Mitchels, Casio Judiciaire:

The Miroiterie.  Unlike at the Bellevilloise at the Miroiterie I have full confidence in the concert that I will see, in the quality of the concert that I will see.  And, I know that I will feel comfortable at the Miroiterie, it being a punk rock venue, not a pretentious venue for wankers who know no different.  It’s also telling that I am willing to pay to attend gigs at the Miroiterie …. I think that I may need to begin paying for gigs to ensure that I find myself in more suitable environments more regularly …. but, dear friends of the group ‘Old Balls’, this still does not mean that anyone should waste one euro on seeing your kind.

Casio Judiciaire.  By far the greatest electronica band in the world today …. actually, that’s not true.  Emilie Simon is far superior. Had Casio Judiciaire existed some forty years ago there’s no doubt at all that they would have been the biggest band in the world …. I won’t note the band who they would be most commonly likened to, because this would be disrespectful, because the comparison lacks any deep insight, and it’s false, and it’s far too easy to make.  A lot of people would describe them as being of the fabled genre of ‘post punk’, but again this is too easy a definition.  What they play is ‘electronica punk’, and henceforth the music is enjoyable to me. They are also the greatest band playing extremely repetitive music in the world today.  They are a very good group.  The two members of the group are greatly talented, and the singer’s extremely deep voice is extremely strong and extremely recognisable, and, thankfully, he sings in French, because otherwise he would have appeared extremely retarded, singing in English for example.  He sang part of one song in English, and, yes: it sounded retarded.  I am pleased to have witnessed Casio Judiciaire’s set.

Casio Judiciaire

Casio Judiciaire at the Miroiterie 28/8/2013

Les Louise Mitchels.  It is very fortunate that I came to tonight’s gig at all, in fact, after listening to a number of songs by les Louise Mitchels online, because they are an instrumental group, that is, the worst type of group.  If I wished to listen to instrumental music I would go and see a jazz concert, and then kill myself from the tedium.  But, had les Louise Mitchels existed some thirty five years ago they would have been the biggest band in the world …. if they had a singer of course.  To give them a genre I would say that they play ‘hardcore noise punk’ music (yes yes.  I know.  This is the age that we’re living in).  The band plays intense music, loud, and with a  singer they would be veritably brilliant …. without a singer they might as well be a jazz group.  The saxophonist sang for part of one song in fact, and it gave a glimpse of what they could be, but as it stands they are an instrumental group and hence a complete waste of space.  Since the saxophonist can apparently sing he should do so in all or at least the vast majority of numbers by les Louise Mitchels.  I won’t state the group that they would most commonly be likened to because it would be disrespectful – with a singer they would be a legitimately great and interesting band.

But, Massicot.  What can I say about Massicot?  I came to this gig despite the fact that an instrumental group was performing to see Massicot, who, based on the strength of their recordings that can be found online I thought might rival Baseball.  And, I don’t know if they quite rival Baseball, but at this stage Massicot is the greatest band in the world, given that Baseball no longer exists, much to my chagrin.  Words can’t describe Massicot, such is the nature of true greatness.  They certainly can’t be defined, much as Serge Gainsbourg is indefinable.  To use M. Gainsbourg’s own words, he is ‘the best’. Well, I’ll say this: Massicot are ‘the best’, whatever that means to anyone.  ‘The best’ is not a qualified term, and nor should it be when being used in relation to Massicot or Serge Gainsbourg.  The constant through Massicot’s set is a jungle bass line, vocals sung in time with the guitar riffs, and the strongest delivery of music that I have ever witnessed.  What Massicot’s set taught me was that the violin is the most important instrument in rock music, perhaps in music generally.  It’s not surprising that the two greatest bands of all time, Baseball and Massicot, both utilise a violin, in completely opposite manners.  Unlike the violin of Baseball, which drives the group’s sound, the violin of Massicot is minimal, and somewhat incidental, but crucial.  Massicot is another group whose music is not punk rock at all, but who are totally punk due to being in possession of the punk rock attitude.  One can clearly see that this group is punk based on the prevailing presence of unwashed hair onstage.  To the individual who criticised my criticism of the Crane Angels for being a nine (nine) piece and having a sound which amounts to just about nothing, I recommend that you see a gig of Massicot, to see what kind of immensity a four piece can be capable of creating. It is artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Baseball and Massicot that lead to people retiring from music, because they know that they can never hope to shine a light on such brilliant output.  It’s been sometime since I last saw Igor perform, but I feel fairly certain that Massicot may have eclipsed them.  I assume that Massicot are parisiennes, and supposing this, they are well and truly the most significant group in Paris at this time, much moreso than Liza Manili and le Val.  There is a group who Massicot would be commonly likened to, but Massicot are of such a superior nature to this group, who sells its music to television programs, so as to make the comparison terribly insulting.  Anybody who has an appreciation of good (good) music absolutely must (must) be in attendance at a Massicot gig at some point in their lifetime.  Anything else is completely unacceptable, and in fact quite offensive to Massicot, because it is an implication that they do not play good (good) music.

I’ve got no real conclusion to make in response to this review.  I think I am now too old for musical moments to be life changing events, but several years ago, in my youth, I am very confident that the witnessing of this gig would have rocked the very fabric of my existence.  There are some artists that existence requires in order to continue, and Massicot is one of them.  It had been too long between being witness to a great gig in the presence of good people …. punk people.  The last time was obviously the gig of le Val and Details in Beauty at the Paris Poppins.  Hopefully I’ll be able to persuade le Val and Massicot to perform on the same bill one night …. take that as a hint, Valians and Massicotians (pronounced like ‘martians’, not like ‘Valians’).


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  1. Miroiterie sounds like an interesting place, thanks.

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