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March 3, 2018

You cut your hair,

You remain the same.

I see a statue. A christ,

Begging, praying.


Freedom. Gone …. you,

No comment. I knew.

Her long hair, silvered,

Under a hat, a hat of grey.


In a world where marvels exist,

Free, freedoms, the verse flows.

Mother Vigilante is here.

She doesn’t know why I come.


With her daughter I passed

The best times. Her hair is short.

Newly short. It suits her well,

I wish her well, oddly.


He walks with care …. the ice,

He stoops. He’s old. A death.

She follows my lead, as normal,

We call her beautiful, in jest.


I was in Berlin – she called,

Everyone leaves, and only she makes me smile.

And she has no idea, of my love,

My great love, which is real.


True, I was once faulted,

At fault, I flailed, pathetically.

The white is best, yes,

Every day, the same coat.


We hear the same laugh,

We have different views.

Our experiences differ,

Everybody moves at their own pace.


A new page is turned,

An artificial voice speaks.

Not to us. It’s false,

Another? Yes.


I see colour behind her,

A halo effect ….

Irritating noise, eloquent voices,

Can they see it?


It invades all,

I feel it as death.

This death state is nothing,

It brings nothing.


He slurps his drink: nothing,

Is it death? It is nothing.

The same words …. uttered by another,

Don’t change natural inclination.


A place before the heat, by chance,

He reads a newspaper.

He is against a window, seated,

Don’t state the truth: all is changed.


Nothing will ever be the same,

Popular song: this remains the same.

But nothing is the same,

She was a great beauty. I now know.


It took me a moment to take note,

To realise. She cut her hair.

No: I’m not referring to you,

My hair is still long.


Why did it take so long?

To cut ties, to make a break.

Now you’re free, to cut your hair,

A new home, an old home, a new home.


Why could you never understand?

I beg your pardon. This is all.

God bless. All has changed,

A hole keeps her together.


One: gone. Two: gone. Three: unknown,

Another kiss? But why?

This is a bad idea’. Now I know,

Make a clean break. I say otherwise.


When we kissed, I bled,

Your violence …. love.

A call. I can’t hear it,

For me, silence, alone.


Now it becomes clear,

A sonnet, I understand.

I long to be serenaded,

Romance is now dead.


And if I was wrong?

Why did you return, love?

For the best. I know,

You were mistaken. I played my hand.


Untitled. Untitled lullaby,

Now we call it rape. Then, it was love.

Why though this abandon?

You knew better, doctor. You knew.


A professional in love,

Qualified for this profession.

An old song, sung by death,

He sung at the site of death.


Black. Tea from China,

Racist: he is African.

The white sheep, black spots,

Grey streaks. He ages.


When we met, he was aged,

I took possession of him.

He is home as I write,

Given this, I’m stranded.


And finally, an end,

Little known …. love.

We stood guard, over love,

. love. True love. Adieu.


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