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March 7, 2018

The imperfections become clear,

Where she was once dear I now see fear.

But how this rapid change?

Rapid breathing, elegance lost, audible ….

Bless you, dear one. I know you well,

Better than is appropriate …. deep breaths.

Count. Changes in time, rhythm,

Hotel rooms are largely empty.

Emptiness, cleanliness …. bare walls,

Foreign language …. my own.

Normalise. Who’s this singing?

Wrong question. Don’t sing along.


And then, a face. Thinning hair,

And this sound, it emanates from home.

This home is far. I still hear,

But, how we lost touch. Brothers since ….

Two centuries ago, we were born,

Into wealth and privilege, the others ….

The working class, and work they did,

For bread was hard in finding, in pasts.


How lives changed in brief periods,

Happy birthday. I’ve no desire to see you.

I only state the truth. Quiet evenings, always,

Bar to bar, for coffee. I don’t desire her wrath.

I don’t drink in one bar. Hence, I do what?

You’re writing poetry? So it seems …. she has no money.

The insatiable desire …. infidelity. They know when it’s struck me,

He makes them smile, they who lack fidelity.

I cringe. I can’t see the criticism; from it, I flee,

And she, she has fled. Always before my time.

No doubt with celebration and tears,

Sit here for coffee, nothing more.


Don’t shake his hand; brush her hair,

I don’t venture out for all is illness.

Sickness is galling. It prevents work,

It yellows the skin: time has been called.

You chose the other, but love ….

Love on the street.

A line already penned,

And henceforth …. a tear.

A tear in the spectrum,

Counting syllables; rhyming slang.

Rhythm, metre, etcetera I know,

I know not. I cringe.

At the thought of men, I cringe,

And when a novelty grows old?

Etcetera. We tire ourselves,

The Americans came and ransacked the villas.

They raped the villagers …. love,

When in love, we rape.


And then, an expletive whispered,

But whispered aloud.

We saw his lips uttering,

When we know a prayer, we swear.

I swear by lost loves. A woman silenced,

A woman cries, screams …. they heard.

After the fire …. the spire,

Give me peace, the peace of ghosts of old.

How old, they hold the fort, they hold their own,

My routine, he knows. I smile. I’m forced to.


Given their words of undying love,

Of undying awe: I’m in awe.

Falsely placed she proposed this,

I’ll see you: they misheard.

The following word, they misheard,

Is it folly to publish prose?

Not at all for they wear fur,

Once taboo, hence, I once laughed.

A child, an adult child, a man as boy,

Boy’s heart breaks …. again.

Don’t change punctuation: this offends,

The author, a quiet leper.

A silenced leper: all is quiet on the western front,

And the eastern? Don’t even ask.

David? Alexander. I drink him in,

His beauty. His presence.

A hello. Goodbye ….

Infant. The first infantry on the western front.


But …. he speaks!

He’s old now, and …. he speaks!

I don’t hear his words, but …. he speaks!

He speaks a gibberish, a gibberish tirade.

She arrives; ah, her scent,

It pervades this space, of fire and war.

War only touches on love,

Love is lost in wars – we know.

But still, we fight and fight,

We’re ordered and hence we fight.

Alight upon the given tide,

Never misgived, never forgot.

Hero? Goat. Goat of history,

Private affairs: keep them silent.


The duchess – I steal this line,

But then, what is not stole …. this world of love.

He turns up his lip …. no?

They mock! They flock, but indeed, they mock!

And I am who if not a friend?

A noble friend who loves like fire.

A faithful friend until a time is passed,

Yes: a verb calls time on this infidelity.

Heckle, shackle, battle, settle,

We always settle …. in love.


And if I take back my previous word?

It’s out – we all heard – it’s out.

A frightful wind sends the battle,

Out! All we need is you.

You gave in. You handed in your crown,

You frown. A clown. You frown.

. cut down. Don’t say other,

Necessary bazaars. A trading house.

A mouse. A moose. A goose, and geese,

And fleece! They fleeced us clean!

And rotten. We’re now clean, seen.


Don’t be concerned: it’s here only,

Like every day, dear.

Don’t overstay: I know,

We criss-cross forever boundaries.

We skip rope. What glee!

Even when love comes …. bounding ….

. free.


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