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March 10, 2018

Bookmarked page, with drops of water,

It rains here, in the homeland.

The train stopped dead. I’m in a bus,

It frequently stops. Will I make it?…

Not overly concerned. Not interested in my surrounds,

The time’s of some importance: I don’t regard it.

Where once we flourished, me and my kind,

Now it’s a struggle, eternally.


A rooster, a dead end street,

Where once I could have rested, now: too late.

Once taboo, I cherished this taboo,

Now it’s dead, with the primaveras.

A ringed rose, a ringed cheek,

Late, perhaps: for nothing important.

A stop demanded; a stop of course,

A step in the right direction, for man.


Destination: unknown. Map: of no use,

Late, but of course! I left, but too late.

I’ll revise the above line, but which?

Again, it rains: it has an effect on paper.

The paper is inside, in the warmth,

In reality, the outdoors weren’t cold.

Despite the rain, we were warm,

In three jackets, we were warm.


Repetition, correction of papers,

One went another way, and then suicide.

His father’s absent, his mother suicidal,

His brother raped his sister.

He’s with whom hence? I don’t care,

I care for what’s my problem, and this is not.

Now, I wonder why he only comes on weekends,

To break my peace: he goes outside.


Weekends are quiet: electronic cigarettes,

Here, we can’t move a single word.

I’ve been advised – he’s no expert,

Doctor, tell me of your past:

I already know it, inappropriately,

The café Select: what a great man.

Falsely great man, unexceptional,

Underwhelming are three theses, of course.


A band, they tell stories: too loudly,

Five twenty, the time or the cost: both.

A cough in my direction, intentionally,

It rains, it rains. I ran to reduce my delay.

To make out that I cared: a façade,

Time for a dance I don’t dance.

No, not even at wedding ceremonies,

The captain of the ship, it’s going down ….


Today, in plain clothes: a plain clothed cretin,

Idiot gestures, idiot people. Kisses ….

Idiot statements. He returned to show his folly,

The title: president. This should be interesting.

The only advantage: no recourse,

A woman, a man’s voice: loathsome.

A musical group unknown: loathsome,

We need for all to know our pursuits.


A young woman, almost silent,

She pushes her way through crowds, in silence.

With money in the hand, adorably,

Deep voiced woman, horrid gestures.

Once, I saw her here. It was late,

I was late. I was meeting a deadline.

Next, a notebook of charm: not mine,

No, it’s mine: not purchased by me.


A cigarette inside, remains unlit,

In the mouth. And the purpose is?…

Dragging on smoked and used cigarettes, to see,

A protected childhood, protected from the elements.

A brother, always idealised, and still?…

I think I’ve surpassed him, in failure.

Noise rises, the band is in full swing,

This was begun when searching for fulfilment.


Long handshake: idiots,

The clothing of black men, to be admired.

It is the black men who create this cacophony,

Man woman man: women are underrepresented.

This is based on a brief glance, and feminine masculine voices,

Sit here. It’s no problem. Okay. Sit there (over).

An employment position which dominates,

I don’t let it. Never.


Still, the sirens wail. To tell that all’s not well,

Who took the first bite to take our paradise?

Eve, but this is old news. Now, we seek vengeance,

Still, we seek vengeance. This will never come.

This is not a place to discuss strategic locations,

Here, we speak freely of Eve, who is forbidden ….

Only into our conscience. We prefer her plaything,

Serpentine patterns and Egyptian cotton let’s go.


She never knows where she ought to stand,

She lacks beauty. We see it in her face.

The greatest of shames: a woman without beauty,

Knowingly without beauty, and she even lacks street smarts.

Why are we surrounded by odd voices here?

This is not what I was promised.

Yes. You know all, you and your bald head,

You’re a figment of my past, pitiable.


Remain. Never come. I’ll stop you at the gate,

The port of entry is closed to you.

Your arrogance …. Don’t start. I knew already,

I met her there, regrettably.

I lost her there, with great regret,

But, you didn’t even touch the jam!

How, hence, did you get your fill?

Bread and butter. Simple in design.


The nerve. He exits, briefly: respite, brief,

He seems to us a simple tyrant.

He seems to them a brutal ruler,

He called to you, young lady.

Young lady lacking beauty,

Here, I saw a wondrous smile.

Again, I’ll see this wondrous smile,

Don’t stand daftly. Assert yourself!


Here, we’re significant figures,

There, we’re nobodies. In a train, broken down.

Stopped due to issues on the line,

You could have been American, had I not known.

I prefer you as is, a simple relic,

Confidence, young lady! We know you lack beauty!

No greeting. And why? You lack beauty,

And now, we all lack beauty. We’re exuberant.


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