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March 11, 2018

It’s flowing out of me like a wicker pile,

Index of first lines, at the back.

Table of contents, in reality. We seek it, then find it,

No alcohol before eleven o’clock:

It’s the end of an evening: kisses to you,

Shall we sit outside? There is sunlight.

Hence I wear sunglasses inside, and a hat,

A top hat. I’m rolling a cigarette, here, inside.

Where is smoking taboo? Elsewhere,

Camel cigarettes. He’s a cliché, a stereotype.

He fell. No one informs him: he is obnoxious,

The singer to whom we listen is deceased.

Unfortunately. The sun warms us. We sit outside,

We bask in the sunlight, and go against the cliché.

He called to say he’ll be absent. In fact, it’s she,

A poor night’s sleep. Hair unkempt.

His hair curls. Later on it will straighten, naturally,

He speaks of spiders; a popular cartoon.

Musicians need for all to know their trade,

Twins abound. They’re now the norm.

I’m unqualified; qualified for nothing. I’m not a musician,

Child with same hair as father.

I chose not to arrive in advance,

Father teaches foreign language to infant.

With an accent, he teaches. Lacking enthusiasm,

Guitar strapped on, seated. Guitar strapped to back.

Child doesn’t care for foreign language,

He groans upon hearing the words fall from the lips.

The lips of his father, who thinks he’s doing good,

And well by the boy, who inherited father’s hair.

Parents died young. Inheritance: a fortune,

Wife slayer. Inheritance: a fortune.

Until the trial. Here, the cash was handy,

Don’t come on the first ringing. Come on the second.

Now a band, a band of gypsies, is by my side,

Grandfather said. Grandfather said ‘go far’, ‘run’.

Grandfather clock. Penny-farthing bike,

Can I borrow your glasses? I must read this.

This small text, in a newspaper,

You mustn’t include such small text.

But why? But why? No: I didn’t know that,

A night in jail: the shame. Be a man ….

The drunk tank. You’re not a man. That’s fine,

I’d loathe to be like you, now you’re the boss.

Leave your changes. My decision is final,

But …. it remains my text?…

In theory, in practice, but overall, no,

Unappreciative. I’ve nothing to be grateful for.

I don’t pray. Sit outside. Thank you,

And once outside you’ll be in the sunlight.

That’s amusing. I forgot to shave ….

Brother. Father resigns. A great resignation.

Hold the chair, hold the door: gentleman,

I slept with your wife: she missed you.

An idiotic voice. I’d prefer you elsewhere,

But it’s your birthday, and you’re gagged.

And tarred and feathered. It’s a great shame,

I contacted all and sundry. I’m alone. A kiss ….

It was my birthday. Long forgotten. Insignificant,

Tomorrow we celebrate, all …. Except those alone.

Another love greets nobody. Coffee is forthcoming,

Children do not move her, gladly.

She’s not a feminist, gladly,

On a day of significance she makes her stand.

Glasses on head: ineffective here,

Now, disciplinarian – the good times are passed.

Kind sir, I’ll have another, with no hello,

They left without goodbye, with a hello.

But, it was young lady who refused hello,

Young lady, bow and arrow.

Joan of Arc: she was heroic,

Young boy: no weapon – Henry the Eighth.

But of course. Have what you wish,

Do you know? I know her from down the road.

Two coffees. No salutation. One for me; two in total,

One stanza, one verse, one act play, third act problems.

I’ll be back in a second. Cup not plate,

Fat man, horrible. Everything he says, his appearance.

We want paradise here. Nothing else will suffice,

With bows and arrows we’ll have our paradise.

Down the street a statue of Joan of Arc, in armour,

Are women free to act? And is this right?

She broke my heart, but only once,

Beggars begin to invade my space. We’re poor here!

Two coffees on a tray. Where are you off to? Upstairs,

Birdlike. Womanlike. I am responsible for this.

She needed me to know. She broke my heart,

Since this morning, she’s my love interest.

She’ll appreciate the hole in the seat of my pants,

Only she. She is my world, and she’s nearby.

She could pass by this window at any moment,

These windows are clean. They call him by name.

He knows my name. I don’t know how,

Foolishly searching for a socket, in outer space.

A gap between lines. Sunday, day of children,

Today is the day; any later is zero.

I tell you the orders. You make the coffee,

You turn the water into wine …. Joan of Arc ….

I’m here often; you can trust me,

But, I do indeed have faith in you.

The power’s cut: sudden silence. We remain warm,

Freshly pressed orange juice. My hand aches.

Take your own drink. I can’t release it myself,

I’ll pay you, but only for a torrent.

Horrible man. Shut your mouth for an instant ….

Motor mouth. He motors. He motors on …. and on ….

He returns. She arrives, with child, haggard,

Children are yet to learn, and they’re just big children.

And I’m just babysitting …. the worst of the worst,

They are beautiful in their way, with their decks of cards.

Missing the ace. It’s up my sleeve, with every ace,

I hold the winning hand. It was a game, now a sport.

A death race. In one ear, out the other. A short term,

It becomes long. We sing to pass the time, in pink.

The pink makes no difference at all, idiot man,

Visiting hour is up. I had more to say. Alas.

Why do you do it like that? I don’t know,

There’s a dog under your table: I know.

Under the table is a broken shoe: my own,

They laugh in my direction: I’m the gag.

The running gag. Authority: never attained,

Respect: never attained …. it’s needed.

Where is she today? Today, there’s a new one,

Glasses, for respect. Glasses, to scrub clean.

Every night, I scrub the glasses,

Tonight, I’ll scrub my glasses.

My home, it’s in a state,

My home, it’s in the deepest rut, and in a state ….


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