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March 31, 2018

Brothers in arms,

Sisters are elsewhere.

We miss out on the good times,

Make me an offer – I’ll accept.


Librarians and teachers quarrel,

Librarians deeply disturbed.

For it was a racial act,

Nothing less.

The young were in the firing line,

Yes. But here, it’s not impeccable.

There are various worries,

It’s worrisome to see grenades launched.


Missiles are launched as a threat,

Fast music to stimulate

The mind. But the mind

Remains ill at ease: depressed.


The temple throbs: here it is,

Here is the depression. A drug please.

Or else lobotomy. I loathe them,

But politesse is required: unnerved.


Yes: deprive him of friends, etc,

This will lead, obviously, to ends.

Positive ends, and positive ends meet,

Sit here, where I say.


Children, adults, parents alike,

Love between them, we suppose.

It’s just hard to see, here,

A small book, for other work.


Don’t tempt fate. I’ve no choice,

He predicts rain, in his puny brain.

Puny by comparison …. to what?

Love between girl and rabbit: yes.


Rabbits understand the timid,

Make an effort, oh quiet one.

Are these tears that I see?

It’s always like this, they say.


Dear one, pretty one, and tears,

Lethargy and other petty complaints.

It hangs over me, the terror,

Writing in another book. Yes.


Books, you see, are finite,

Fine pants: not for winter worries.

Not for snowy inclines,

Several inches, so they say.


Rabbits in the warmth

Against the colds, dear girl.

And when death comes upon the rabbit?

What then, dear girl?


Cousin’s rabbit. Always another,

Always holidays, almost.

We crossed paths, your tongue,

In four way formation, my tongue.


One said little. I requested your tongue,

You know I speak it, dear one.

Some say inappropriate relations,

It’s legal, in my eyes, my eyes only.


How is music born? At a loss ….

They create something terrible and sad.

Here in the wilderness, terrible and sad,

Don’t enter. I give not permission.


No time to waste, create,

Here, it’s all waste, and crumbling.

The second in command is absent,

Sweet, dear one: we’ll speak later.


I give permission to you, dear one,

As many verses as an anthology.

Will he exit, running or crawling,

Does he exist, running or crawling.


Tears bring tears. Tears in fabric,

Tears in fabric. In the bin!

Yes: laugh dear ones, and hold your tongues,

We’re last, as always, and then …. drinks.


As always, drinks, and, I don’t drink,

In the wrong place and time. I’ve time.

A nothing accomplishment. Don’t look twice,

I prefer quantity, always.


One lost line, one gained,

You did well. You can do better.

Fear of stores, malls, hairdressers,

Some say absurd. I say normal.


Not too short (!), I insist,

We don’t listen here.

Question! I’m listening,

More information …. not possible.


Album length. Short by comparison,

Here is a certificate. It’s blue.

I’ve forgotten its meaning,

She speaks not my language, nor theirs.


Here we go. I see an end,

Three hours. It’ll pass fast. I hope.

No additional commentary, please,

Not by him, nor them, please.


Concentration at a minimum here,

Lack of respect. Listen, nothing else.

How do they do it? It’s a comedy,

It’s a farce. It’s a tragedy ….


Tragedy as comedy as farce,

Don’t compare our bests, please.

There is no comparison,

His mystery is boundless.


A new advisor. A new way,

A new direction. An end.

Soon, an end, we hope,

We take them out. An end ….


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