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March 31, 2018

No. It couldn’t be,

I wail.

Cigarette smoke,

And ashes.

And shame,

Always, shame.

Could I still be?

I become.

And I say you’re poor,

As role model, etc.


The window’s open,

Clatter, clatter.

A café across the way,

I stay inside.

Most usually, I’m inside,

Yes, yes. It’s fine.

I’m not meddling,

A rorschach test.

I made a blot,

With coffee.


They speak of insanity,

Insane women.

All I’ve known is insane women,

They’ve worn me down.

I’m only bones,

A religious celebration.

Forsaken. I’m as she,

She seems not insane.

I feel that it was better,

Don’t worry the bothered.


Some too easily spooked,

Never my colleagues.

They’ll know my depart,

Departure, the third.

I don’t like interruptions,

I’ve work to do:

A call to make.

The call breaks solitude,



Take drugs: advice,

Oh, I will.

Sometimes I stop,

My brain expands.

Like a miracle,

Am I a miracle?

So they say,

Does my suicide diminish this?


I count down days,


I wait for three,

A long wait.


Don’t respond. I beg.

I tire easily,

I see sun. I need it.

I shy from it,

Wisely? Perhaps.


Do we question questions?

So they say.

Turn the page,

Meek as all.

Meek as every mouse,

Scared of every move:

As a cat,

It’s lengthy, I know.

This relieves me,

Of a troubled mind.


The Jew sings Christmas tales,

Don’t call it terrorism, dear Jew.

We find her caged,

She spoke her mind.

Hence, goodbye,

I’ve lost track of goodbyes.

It’s cold here,

No blankets.

Cruel and unusual?

No. I’m allowed out.

To stand trial,

Before my peers, etc.


So, here she is, caged,

Antisemitism: caged.

Semitism: caged,

In this strange age.

Suspended sentence,

Talk in song of crimes.

Three times from my homeland,

They visited.


You’re one of us, now,

One in their language.

Yes, yes: we mock,

An expert, we could say.

They don’t treat me as such,

Fortunate, they say.

Follow me back,

I won’t do the work.

At his home, too large,

At his home, too small.

Too cold, under the covers,

Too sick, under the covers.

Batten down the hatches,

The enemy nears.


Does she share my beliefs?

Beliefs, I had. Now, none.

It’s against common courtesy,

Common law.

How did we get to this state?

Fascism, etc.

Now, we’re all fascists,

Yes, even you, enemy.

Friend, away. He works, hard,

As always.

It’s easy, he says,

I am of his opinion.

Does this date mean this?

It means love.

It means freedom,

Don’t speak: you’ll be free.

She spoke,

Now, she’s caged.


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