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April 1, 2018

Double dose. A double shot,

Advised against double dose.

But, by whom? He,

He is a shaman.

He holds a title,

It’s illegitimate.

It’s present: he’s official,

He means business.


Secret society,

He has no colleagues.

No colleagues beyond these walls,

They know your name.

You’re in the system,

Fight to remain.

Too late,

The losing side.

Always aloof,

Always sadly.


A fiery riot,

They fight against us.

They mistook you,

I am me and you are you.

In the dam,

Your shrivelled remains.

Secret society,

Gang activity.


We never leave our gang.


You’ve got some nerve,

A grown man.

Free to act

As he wishes,

He chose wrongly.

A shy smile,

A coquettish smile.

It will be us, at length,

They’ve missed you,

They’re nothing to you,

No more.

You’re nothing to them.

Go in your own time.


Three days or four,

Same outer garments.

A movie, a song,

I must see it!

In the same outer garments,

You ran from this.

You’re a mystery here,

Secrets never die here.

We die with our secrets,

Death bed repentance.

No need for religious men,

Every day, a ritual.

Today, it’s what it was,

Yesterday. Don’t sing this song.


Belittling the feeble,

There is no defence.

I gave her directions,

False with good intentions.

Dressed as a monk,

He’s merry.

He guards animals,

For money.

Transylvanian tiger,


Take a photo,

You’re not who you’ve claimed.


This is a better approach,

It’s quiet. A constant hum.

To Spain. In Spain, she’ll die,

A mockery. In the desert.

In the forest,

They’ll never find the corpse.

The deep, dark forest,

I saw her first.

Run her off the road,

A mockery. A star.


A star of the big screen

Outshines she of the small.

The battery’s dead,

A long, narrow road.

Come, drink with us. Dance,

We’ll rape, at ends of nights.

The image of a rape,

A CD jacket.

The undertaker’s here,

And she’s well dead.


See the video, well received,

We were close. Now far.

Property owners,

Another day.

A lowly sister,

Jealousy runs deep.

With no fixed address,

She feels at home.


Now, I’m no longer seen,

Never out, never about.

Here’s a suggestion,

A recommendation.

I’ll be there in July,

The fear.

The trepidation,

Hometown, lost.

For she and me,

We’ve both been here.

An extended stay,

My doctor speaks not my tongue.


Overdose. Tranquilizers,

A death: tranquilizers.

What disdain. Tranquilizers,

I hope he’s seen a sad end:

Dead on the side walk or in prison,

Of course, it’s temporary.

Of course, jump out of your skin,

A reprimand: it’s five minutes.

Five minutes after,

Five minutes too late.

And a title?

This shall remain unnamed.


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