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April 8, 2018

There’s no more asking him,

He went away, far,

Genius becomes him,

But, what is genius?

A lack of knowing.


The aged misunderstood,

She understands better this way,

When it’s all foolish and such,

I just can’t bring myself

To do it. This task ….

It kills me without knowing,

And yet, it’s my destiny.


I stand for nothing. It’s clear,

I stand behind no picket line,

Yet I say otherwise,

I tell myself lies,

That I hope to believe.


One day, I’ll believe,

I believe. I’ve seen genius,

On a small stage, etc,

Slightly larger stages, etc,

Stages poorly equipped, etc.


The last events ever,

Here and there, they were,

But, we know not of them,

They’re from the wrong age,

That’s what they say,

Foolishly, I know.


There is no right or wrong time,

Will I clean this mess?

I’m undecided at this time,

But, who reads lines

When there is no gimmick?


And, who plagiarised whom here?

And who stood down from his post?

Was his decision justified?

He had little choice, they say,

I’ve sympathy for him. That’s all.


Outvoted, but we don’t want him,

It won’t be good for him,

He’ll suffer for it,

As some suffer for their art.


He is no artist,

He’ll never be an artist,

I’ll wait. I’ll do so now,

His hair’s too short to be trusted,

His hair’s too long. I can’t see him,

I can’t be seen with him,



He has much to say. He sees no one,

Prime ministerial retirement package,

I hold it. I stole it,

I am in repose, at ease,

Forever and always.


Why should I honour him?

I’ve no patience for him,

I’ll cut him unwarranted slack,

Say what you wish, young man.


You’re beaten at home?

You deserve it, from all I’ve seen,

Your circumstances are tragic?

Well warranted, I say,

Something need be done,

All remains the same,

The same four letter word.


Four letter words are degrading,

Sometimes. Some are fine, of course,

I’m fine, etc,

You should have cut him loose,

He cut himself loose.


It’s all about the attitude,

But of course, and the confidence,

The false confidence. It’s all that’s needed,

And who influenced whom here? It’s unclear.


He said his piece and fled far,

He absented himself,


He deserved the acid bomb

In the face. He is a bane.


Mother. Teacher. No one,

No one comes,

No one was beckoned,

I need stimulation of some kind,

. not that kind.


I say little for I’ve no care,

Here all day. I don’t mind,

Morning person: whore,

We all know your motives.


And we train the leaders,

Train them to have pistols drawn,

Rag over blood stained cover,

Wettened chair: his shame.


We say it again. We see it,

Again and again …. again,

Why are you still here? Oh,

I really didn’t care.


I remember when once it was easy,

Now, we complicate and complicate,

Two in one. Twice at the same time,

You don’t even know. Don’t say otherwise.


A child. She can’t speak, alas,

She’s a native. She can’t speak, alas,

She spits and chews. She can’t speak,

Blame the parents, as usual,

I like to blame the parents,

I do a poor job …. the parents,

Parents don’t care. Nor I,

She can’t speak ….


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