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April 11, 2018

God, I hope it’s you,

Who looks and looks,

Stares and stares.

Poser dandy, etc.


Yes, I’ve been absent:

I wonder if it’s to

Cover the wine stench ….

Don’t tell her I called.


The scent of a woman unknown,

Dead mouse flattened on a street.

We strike with no concerns,

We win, but at what cost.


We war and win. At what cost,

They’re in the streets. I’m at home.

I never called for action. It’s turbulent,

And turbulence in the air worries.


The train’s stuck at its point of departure,

I’ve time for a haircut, so I say.

Gladdened that he passed me by,

Blindly, or else gladly in kind.


A ridiculous motor propels him,

I do little; I’ve no energy remaining.

I was equally occupied,

Pass me by as you wish, friend.


At length a train arrives,

He who drives crossed a picket line with glee.

He hopped and danced over the picket line,

All with glee.


Will I muster the force necessary today?

Right now I’m anxious. I feel weakened.

Some women are big and black. They smile oddly,

We see them pass between two sets of feet, oddly.


Oh, it’s been long; it’s been hard,

Nothing has been gained; much lost.

But, we fought and fought, and fight and fight,

In the street, quarrels break out: it’s a sight.


Around the carcass of a mouse, quarrels,

Or is this a plague carrying rat?

It is a rather large mouse, it’s true,

And strange scars on fingertips – this, I see.


Long was my day,

I knew this in advance.

In fact, not quite:

It was longer.


Why do they stand and talk?

Stand and squawk …. misunderstand ….

I understand not this gesture,

We treat bottom feeders kindly.


Bottom feeders, near the top,

Next to …. A strange proximity.

It’s me? Or not …. The music ….

Upon arrival, music. Yes, yes: we know.


They repeat and repeat, absurdly,

Augmentation of solitude:

A common subject, we might say,

Will I punish, fairly or not?


Why do I question myself?

My own actions: it’s strange.

What?’ A surprised word,

I hear it, from a slight afar.


I bury myself, to hide myself,

I risked it all: I’ve won?

I lost it all in sleep ….

Inopportune hour.


They screamed and screamed,

Silence was never gained.

It’s unheard of’ …. I fail,

. like all those before me.


He hid himself, twice,

I couldn’t help him, it seemed.

A long day, a longer night,

Long hair, all in the eyes.


Long hair, she caressed tenderly,

Tender, tender. Long and long.

A child sits beside ….

Caress, caress. Tender, tender.


A bad day all round,

Child forgotten, beside me.

I don’t look up,

I’m hidden, hidden.


Is it real?

Do I disappear like wind?

The winds gulf and gulf,

Hard, and hard. I’m here, behind a sheath.


Yes, wise child: silence,

The security men look straight past.

Nothing works. Attempts fail, fail,

You, foolish man, in a dress jacket ….


. always, a dress jacket,

Always the same ….

Personality? I look straight past,

I see the security men: I’m free.


His feet don’t reach the ground, the child,

He sits. He watches the world go by.

Small shoes for small boy,

All small on small boy.


Excuse me’ …. if I refuse?

Your advance was aggressive, no?

Child, forgotten beside me,

He’s fearful now. The landscape goes by ….


Dark red, her favourite colour,

Her lips, what seduction.

I’m seduced. I want her,

Alas. I hide behind sheaths …. fate.


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