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April 15, 2018

A bespectacled young lass, and I, beguiled,

And, I’ve not the least desire to see her again.

And, some don’t inspire poetry at all,

But, I fell in love at one sight.

First sight. Not first smell,

My god, the bleach blonde.

The perfume insane,

But, my perfect bespectacled dame.

Young, it’s true. Self-sufficient and all,

She carried a bag, a bag of groceries.

Needing to be certain it wasn’t the liquid of vipers,

But no. My angel would never touch such fluid.

A damsel. I hope she never finds distress,

For would I be there?

And will I be there ever?

To take her hand. To comment on.

I’ll comment on and she’ll smile,

Again, it will be beguiling.

Loves, they weaken. I’m weakened,

And of my dear Elise?

She’s aloof. She makes no move,

She makes no response.

Hence, I’m in love, but not with she,

And am I a fool?

Most certainly, it’s true,

As I know from films.

Dramatic and all,

Shall she be there ever?

I need her hand,

We’ll promenade.

Our spectacles will click

As we make our first embrace.

And from then on, for spontaneity ….

Spontaneity will keep our love new.

We’ll be out of fashion from the first,

Oh, to caress her dark, short hair.

To know her wondrous words,

To know what shopping bags contain.

I know that you’re most alone,

You avoid all Saturday’s fools.

You shop, and all with grace,

Nothing fancy nothing gained.

I wonder, what is your passion?

Aside love. The arts. I know you read.

Hence your spectacles. You paint,

But your home is most bare.

Your portraits are stored where?

Your watercolours? But then, your hands ….

Your hands soft. Your skin white,

As a babe’s. Short black …. will it grow?

I hope against such flights,

You, dear one, never change.

Your voice, it spells delight,

I cast spells. I break through lonesome tides.

You shop for one: you are alone,

Here, you are alone.

Will we speak? We must ….

Will we dance a merry dance?

I think not. Will we be?

We must. An embrace ….

In life we need none other,

Did you see me? Did you see me turn?

I needed another glance,

For meetings may never be …. again.

And what will afternoons promise?

And bright new mornings in May?

You shut out the world,

You shut yourself in.

A limerick. Irish and all,

You’ll spare me the last line.

You’ll dance in your small home,

Your small hole of a home.

Hence, we’ll dance together …. we know,

And when fear comes your way?

Will you flee, as another?

No. You’ll be my darling bud.

My darling bud of May, of winter,

But, which winter do I speak of?

You’ll understand, my darling bud. I know,

And why do we flee from love’s embrace?

You’ll never flee. I shan’t ask your name,

A name detracts from your beauty.

Do you serve wine and coffee?

A croissant or two in early mornings?

Will you see me at work? Love unbetrothed,

You’ll see the best of me: poetry.

One once said ‘we must have poetry in life’,

And poetry makes days gladder.

You’ll look over my shoulder. I’ll write,

A first bite, a second to you.

No more fairy tale romance,

No more lonesome mornings.

A love unheeded,

They warned us.

Of what, we don’t know,

A clammering of silverware.

A walk in the park; a second,

Night times dreary. No more.

Will it be violet? Will it be blue?

Will I see you ever in blue?

A daisy, this will be for you,

Picked with my very own hand.

From a field far off,

Gods and loves. God plays what part?

Is it he who sends us the warnings?

Is it he who opens every door?

I open every door to you,

Cash register jangle, and love.

Then we’ll be two. Alone in the aisles,

I know the time you venture out.

When will our paths meet, again?

What was in that bag, held so tight?

You’ve no fear of my streets, ours,

Love, and all. At first sight, they say.

Elise, Elsa, Elisa, Lisa: no,

My bespectacled one. Not quite a beauty.

Remember films, seen alone,

Films now seen with you, love.

Not quite a beauty …. quite perfect,

Sundays, our streets are quiet.

We open our windows to the world, and smile,

I’ve not yet unpacked my bag.

And you, dear one? I know you have,

For you, nothing’s left unsaid.

Undone. Your home is a peaceful place,

Small and all. Small as it is.

You’re a siren. You’ve devoured me,

Show yourself: I’ll show you love.


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