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April 16, 2018

Off with baby,

A horrible laugh,

Deep and all.

The titan is no more,

A day to bid adieux,

To old friends and other.

Sleep in silence,

The blinds drawn,

My eyes can’t see.

Though I set tasks,

Challenges. I can’t begin,

Daytime movies …..

Attraction: music,

Storyline: absent,

I’ll be there at noon.

I pay my rent,

My room’s freehold,

Charged for utilities.

Uninteresting advertisements,

Publicity for what I wish,

Not. Why don’t they know?…

The scrounging for scraps,

The scrunching of paper,

Carrying bags, for travel.

I thought I saw you, twice,

Once, most mesmerising,

Once, I erred.

There was never attraction,

You, most plain,

You brought my coffees, a delight.

A ringing bell,

A door opens,

Two doors, one closes.

Push, they say,

I never, I won’t,

I’m here under duress.

Under influence, I came,

A first time, a second,

Now I’m most accustomed.

Is your hair still short?

Short for the summer, in winter,

It suits you well, dear ladybug.

A phone rings,

Much commotion,

It’s hard to keep a cool head.

The days are long here,

Bearded doctors say it all,

They remain plain, still.

Barista, barrister, doctor,

All extremely plain,

One quite eccentric, in truth.

And here, we speak truths,

There is no benefit to lying,

But sometimes it’s hard, we know.

Talking to brick walls,

Wishing to sleep late,

The appointment must be made.

Only she has the right to listen,

We’re strapped to walls in padded cells,

Barely a comment upon arrival ….

The silence tells me the hour’s near,

When truths will come out

And secrets told. We know his entrance well:

Fast paces past,

No greeting in the least,

He worries not for me.

I hear their hallelujahs,

Their conversation inspires nothing,

I don’t understand their language: nothing.

But, just why did I come here?

The coffee here’s bitter,

It leaves a rotten taste in the mouth, the gut.

Why are sirens always heard?

It’s always much ado, etc,

I’m now the absent one.

And what of when I pass,

As I will. Will they watch me go?

Will they wonder, smiling.

My dear god. Midgets stand at the bar here,

Beside me. What fearsome creatures they are,

They should have been aborted, at any length.

If only she would stand away from me,

She’s clearly a new inhabitant of the quarter,

She should never have been allowed.

Do these people work?

What would they be fit for?

Shovelling on coal, perhaps.

And what does your night have in store?

Why, I’ll return home,

I don’t care for extravagance.

And what of midgets breeding?

Why, this ought to be outlawed,

This is regardless of scientific facts.

Why, of course we stare, midget,

They stare at me also,

For I’m in strife followed by strife.

But you see not my strife, midget,

It’s far too high for your eyes to see,

Without a stepladder or such.

I ought to be held for ransom,

And bailed out to wander,

To take leave of hometown worries.

A bearded fellow,

Speaks too loud to be heard,

He’s got worries, as do all.

Midgets are expert pickpockets,

They speak up to be heard,

Much as beards block out volume.

They clear tables,

They pick vegetables,

They’re paid for such services.

Part-time is a life lived,

Yes, this is the newspaper, and?

Oh, it must be read, by you. Okay.

The vines fall slowly when cut,

We’ll make wine, or other delicacies,

I’m elsewhere, this was my error.

Here, they slurp,

With idiot looks on faces,

Ah. A car’s sound blocked it out.

Why not take your time?

It will be here when you return,

Coffee, at the press of a button.

It’s like magic, the coffee here,

Don’t go over the limit,

I won’t, unless ….

If he had been later ….

Had I returned home ….

I may have shown more fluency ….


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