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April 20, 2018

As the title suggests ….

How do I address a bureaucracy?

Hide from calls,

Take no prisoners,

Three bowls of cereal ….


How do I tackle life’s philosophical questions?

Three bowls of cereal ….

Shall I go near,

Shall I go far,

I go near ….


I pay exorbitantly for choices,

Choices which seemed right,

I made the right choices,

Now, bureaucratic nightmare, and,

Three bowls of cereal ….


Breakfast, lunch, dinner,

Three bowls of ice-cream ….

Early dinner, always,

Of a bowl of cereal,

Sometimes, toast with jam ….


They mock. They mock,

This is all I can eat,

Support the independents,

I choose the nearer,

Three bowls of cereal ….


We can’t do much for the lazy,

Could I prepare a meal?

Could I do what’s required?

Could I correct a text?

Three bowls of cereal ….


After the third I’m sickened, it’s true,

And why not ice-cream; we pause to wonder,

We pause to wonder as I prepare to go near,

Important men, and such,

Three bowls of cereal ….


Is it depression?

It’s a lifestyle choice,

When I don’t eat, I sleep,

Sleeping days away,

Three bowls of cereal ….


I laugh: it’s a lifestyle choice,

My home is a rabble,

I can but sleep, and eat,

Three bowls of cereal ….

Hating the sun that brings out rabbles ….


Rabbles in the street,

Did we know that it would break?

In advance, did we know?

A lonely season ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


They’re rowdy in the street,

I’ll stay in cinema halls for life,

Window slightly ajar,

Inside, a rabble ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


And what do you propose I do?

Three bowls of cereal ….

But, I must go where?

For this cereal, I must go where?

Soya poisoning. Three bowls of cereal ….


It rots the veins,

Does away with teeth,

Makes for sorry states:

My home is in a sorry state,

Three bowls of cereal ….


And when we advance ….

We never advance ….

First, lunch was promised,

Then coffee ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


I wish to be done away with,

Your work was poor,

Good heavens, speak my language,

I remember where they did ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


I remember a time as grand,

Hopes and dreams were real,

One fatal error ….

One message sent ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


Yes, I know. I’m done with you,

Done with that, all,

It was an abomination! They say,

I heard it tumble, in my sleep,

Three bowls of cereal ….


I sent her one, as proof,

Eight thousand ways to go wrong,

Eight thousand six hundred!

War attire outdoors,

Three bowls of cereal ….


Now, I will have no shame,

I’m off their radar,

I take a different route,

The products of extravagance,

Three bowls of cereal ….


Big bag, small girl,

Checked pants on small girl,

I see her ankle ….

Most undeserved ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


On time: to be on time,

Too old for these games,

Hanging around the old haunts,

The closer of the two,

Three bowls of cereal ….


Don’t bring him here,

Bring it. Tell her: ‘reply’,

Now late. Once early,

What hair, brushed to perfection ….

Three bowls of cereal ….


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