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L.K. 2

April 21, 2018

And, the letter’s sent,

The prescription written.

Drug not available,

I’d nothing to add.


I responded, fine penmanship,

In fact, you were always silent.

Since our parting words,

Of course, I, in tears.


And, what did you expect?

Fanfare and merriment?

You broke your belief,

And I believed your beliefs incorruptible.


And yes: again, this is to you, love,

Lover of old. You never said truths.

I sought the best in situations,

You sought get out clauses.


And why, hence, did you take flight?

Was I inspiration or a menace?

I was merely present, always,

You needed to flee me to be free.


And why, love, was I of such importance?

You moved on, so I believed.

And, why so defensive, love?

The moment I reached out, in vain.


A simple ‘no’ suffices here, love,

Had I provoked? Possible.

But so too did you, with lies,

I’s left too long, abandoned.


My lifespan left dreading,

Left wondering. You see,

Now all’s changed, here,

Around these parts of town.


I can’t speak for your parts of town,

But you did, in posing a question.

The question of a woman lacking sanity,

And, this is what you lacked …. You loved ….


You loved, still. Why not come?

I don’t leave. I didn’t leave. I waited.

Against advice, I awaited you,

Always waiting, never seeing ….


But (!), maybe once (!), on a train platform,

And wouldn’t that’ve been so fitting?

For here, I’m at my most sentimental,

You know this, and you know why.


Other side of the tracks, in trademark dark fringe,

Dark’, black. Mid-length hair. A short girl,

A woman. Dressed in sailor blues. Near my home,

What did you do here? You loathe these streets.


But, it was always a mockery,

I should have known this: I knew.

You, never faithful: I knew,

With your lot of desperate lovers.


They called and called, from afar,

You let them suffer in silence.

I was a fool to believe it all,

Which one set you free? I wonder.


Far off, you went. No. You were ill,

I couldn’t see you. Nor they.

And where were you, these days?

And your accusations, insane.


Where were you? He came’,

You didn’t desire my company.

My company was a harassment,

Was a hardship, to bear.


Ah, you were home, love?

But, I was not to know this home,

Not meant to know. You want what, love?

You had all you desired. I still wait.


I’ll be here when all turns bad,

And you’ll come to where you ought be.

My L.K.: lover, mysterious to the end,

No: I accept your foibles; you don’t believe.


How to show a love I still care?

Go, see the world, return, broken.

The world of your dreams. My world remains,

A second letter, maybe a third …. a fourth.


There will be more letters, love,

Pleas, for your safe return.

I know: you’ll come back broken,

You’ll return to me in pieces, love.


But when, and shall I wait?

I’ll wait love: one day you’ll see.

There was no mystery,

You’ll connect the dots, clear.


Most obvious. You’ll see my love,

Five years: I’ll wait ten, twenty,

For you, you alone. Others have been,

Others will be, but it’s you, love.


See your world: I’ll hold this world dear,

When we meet, we’ll be wearied, older.

We’ll set off from whence we left,

See you tonight’ …. I wait, still.


See a light. Tire of ‘love’,

False love, of course: he held the keys,

Nothing more. I’ve kept your place

Well intact: you’re always welcome.


Read my letter again, love,

See that I’ve succeeded, love.

You always believed love, I know,

And I love you, for this, and other.


There’s always a home here,

You said it well: you’ll never

See my home again. But you will, love,

You will. You’ll come home.


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