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April 23, 2018

So the capital doesn’t please you?

With its strike days and such.

And your poor taste in reading,

And your culture, lack thereof.

And hence, you take leave,

You head south, to the south coast.

Some may have suggested other capitals,

Capitals where calm prevails.


Taking drugs not prescribed,

Once prescribed, now a past.

They still calm,

They still force sleep

On hot and balmy nights,

In spring …. not even summer.


Sticking candy in the mouth

A moment before he’s called.

A graceful act, not, but then

Grace was always left wanting.


I’ll see you Tuesday, Wednesday,

One or the other, not both.

A great orchestration to see you,

Every time: is it worth it?

Most probably not, and then,

This meeting may be cut short.

Awaiting a love’s contact, eternally,

She’ll be near. I’ll see you near.


A lie: I’m not even home,

I’m far, far from here: I’m gone.

Now, I just need to avoid,

Remain quiet in the night.

Avid in the day,

She’ll believe me absent.

The blight on my life,

I say ‘do as I say’.

She doesn’t listen,

She, perfectly silent.

Like a princess

Without a prince.

She owns her home outright,

Oh, what peace she knows.


Oh, it is a grey city,

This capital: it’s true.

But, it remains the capital,

And you remain amiss

Outside its borders,

There’s always work here.

On the street, before my home,

The noise rises up

The fifteen floors,

That I climb on stairs.

A rickety staircase,

One wonders: why is the

Last step the most worn?

This mystery could stop time.


All time and space is here,

In the capital.

Lacking energy, no lack of fluids,

Yesterday, I walked far,

In the city, a frantic city,

A Sunday city, bright.


She’s out of town,

Until yesterday or today.

I left doors open to her:

Error. She won’t come back.

She needs specifics, this girl,

My very life depends on her.

My Venus: a strange girl,

Always happy, in her way.

A smile’s never far off,

But she looks straight past.

She’s always got bigger plans,

To break free of the capital.

I’ll entrap her; she can’t be forced,

She’ll be mine. She’ll be far.


I write poetry to her,

And to others. She’ll go off

Hiking, with others. I’ll stay,

I’ll write. She’ll understand.

You see the difference, you

Who is now off?

You’re in a desert somewhere,

Obsessed, obsessional, wrong.

There’s no life in the desert,

Nor in outer space.

I’d like you to be far from me,

In outer space, out of time, mind.


Who’s wrong in a feudal war?

The vanquished, the imprisoned.

I don’t thank easily,

Those who merit thanks or not.

You don’t merit thanks,

I’ll be better once it’s fresher.

Once the balmy nights pass,

It seems the cloud cover shields us.


Out of his mind on that night,

He can’t help me lead the task force.

Setting out in search of the most promising,

Now they’re departed. I know not where.

Why. And now there’s another,

Or, there was another.

They’ve betrayed themselves,

Betrayed us.

Are they still here?

I doubt it.


And it all comes backing up,

Laborious and all.

I left you all,

Now you’re here. Not for long, we hope,

The illegal, soon sent packing.

Social and all. Absurd,

A gross absurdity. Leave us here.

Take your leave,

I’m glad we failed,

For hence, you did also,

I want the worst for you.

Go home! There’s nothing for you,

Not here. Not anywhere.


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