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April 29, 2018

Destructive or curious,

Rain. Afraid of rain:

Idiot. Odours after rain,

Too fearful to notice.


Terrified, angered by snow,

It’s not pretty, my belle.

It slows my progress,

All’s white, like an apocalypse.


The apocalypse doesn’t come,

Some say thankfully.

Is death an apocalypse?

It is, for the dead concerned.


Unfathomed. He slept seated,

Uncovered: strange man.

Young man. Friend,

He was invited: yes.


In disagreement with him,

Always, discrimination.

The bar’s closed, crowded,

They took barstools away.


Clever swine, that they are,

We like sitting at a low price.

Turn machine off at night,

New machine. Shiny machine.


Lights reflect off it,

Lights reflect off the eye.

Graceful, skilful manipulator,

Death of her child.


And she was the killer,

A jury of her peers.

Rich in vitamins,

Ah yes? Very good.


Crack cocaine, clears sinuses,

Much to be said for it.

An amusing character,

. on television.


And off. He brings out the best,

In peers and others.

He has no peers, nor others,

He crossed the ocean.


To try his hand,

He failed. He’s nobody.

From now on,

Until eternity.


She loved him,

She, most plain.

Most grotesque,

Birthmarks and all.


You wear the stain of birth,

You wear it well.

Mother. Mother to all,

Prostitution or rape?


A full coloured gown,

A cherry coloured blouse.

Diamond earrings,

Nine carat gold. Darling.


And if we called time?

We’d still be fine.

Lock down: protection,

Except from one.


He puts a knife to you,

A crude knife, yes.

Crude tattoos, etc,

Hepatitis B, etc.


Continued drug use,

A sad, sorry fate.

I’m prescribed drugs,

I’m one of the few.


Soft music, soft rock,

A softer side of life.

I once saw him out,

Showed him the door.


Showered gifts upon him,

Ah, you like that?

Yes. I suppose you would,

You’re a sorry sort.


I heard a song once,

I was moved.

To an extent,

I’m most emotionless.


My senses are most dulled,

Blame the drugs.

Prescribed (!), don’t forget,

A long song.


Comparatively, anyway,

What’s short, long. Great, small.

Elephant and the mouse,

Anteater; carnivore.


Window, slightly ajar,

Slightly frigid inside.

They’re poorly fed,

There in the hole.


Two dollars a day,

Three meals a day.

Dogs eat better,

And rightly so.


Dogs contribute,

Serve a purpose.

Unlike a convict,

A convicted felon.


Felon, now celebrity,

Oh, what paradise.

This life, reality,

We’re all grand now, in a way.


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