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May 9, 2018

The writing’s of a foreign concept,

But I understand it fully.

She would be soon dead,

At a young age.


She wrote of what she didn’t know,

She never lost her voice.

Not in twenty one years,

At twenty one, the music stopped.


A cocktail of drugs, all prescribed,

This is what killed her:

I face a similar fate,

Not enough, too much, in between.


How were they blind to this state?

She always seemed sober,

Except when she fell out of range,

Out of reach. In these times, she was lost.


In middle English I may have spoke up,

And differently, but I saw no palpable change.

She in her country manor. Me at home,

No one claims suicide. This is a surprise.


They tell me that the dream is still real,

They know not just what they speak.

Now, I’m broke. They’re fools,

My employer fooled me all the while.


So it’s off to work I go,

The châtiments, the chains, ring true.

I thought I saw him off in the distance,

But I was mistaken. The flags catch wind.


The flags fly half mast atop buses,

I wonder at the purpose of patriotism.

We’re never happy, president always off,

Always wrong, days into his term.

How do we arrive at such conclusions?

He’s off in another world, always.

We could never understand this world,

So why then do some bother?


A hideous, deep breathed woman,

Gone shortly after, but I’m not free.

There’s one who eats, most inappropriate,

The sparks fly; the flies enter.

Through open windows they come,

Buzzing as they do. Not a fearsome beast.


We fight for a cause,

We break no laws.

We’ll never win the war,

The war we started

With no remorse.

We take no prisoners,

They’re all slain,

For the good of the people,

For good we fight, behind sturdy fences.


The iron curtain fell following debates,

Friendly debates, wholesome debates, etc.

Not a stone was thrown,

Bankruptcy ruined them:

Them in their ivory towers,

Away from it all, the deception.

We were promised paradise,

Now see what’s left.

Starvation diets, broken dreams,

Ramshackle homesteads.

Debris destroys streets,

There is no way home.


Napalm, the word, the thought: a smile,

It conjures thoughts of a war.

I don’t know which. Nor they,

For them, all has been war.

Freedom, free times, illusory,

They dare not speak above a whisper

Out of fear of provoking war,

We all know they’re wrong.


War against the common enemy,

Why is communism at the bottom?

The first to face wrath?

We do as they, quietly following.

Whimpering at times,

And, war comes with a crash!


Why can I not speak above a murmur?

Even in this land of the free.

Here, we can speak up loud,

Without fear or worries.

But, I believe in quiet times,

A quiet world: it will never be.


There’s cruelty there, in abundance,

They’ve signed no writs, no bills.

A proposed law, in oblivion,

Discuss discuss. We know your will.

Yours is a hideous race,

We loathe you, openly: we’re racist.

We accept this: you’re wrong,

We need less of your kind.

And of our kind, and of all,

All are free except the masses.


Doctor. Doctor, help me,

He never does. I am displeased.

He feigns mild care,

I know it’s his job.

He’s obligated. One in a million,

There are trillions more.

None like me. I’m insane here,

I can’t begin a day,

Nor end it,

I always fall into a pit.

It’s despair. Yes,

All the joyous fools ….


Come north, go south, estranged,

I leave death and disaster behind.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires,

In flood waters we drown.

In fires we burn,

As the earth shakes, we fall.

It all falls upon us ….

A most blessed sight. The end.


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