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May 16, 2018

He can barely stand,

He walks back and forth.

Short paces, with difficulty,

His spasms are enchanting.


Awaiting the removal,

Then my fate will be sealed.

I’ll be let off a hook,

I’m bait for their fooleries.


What a wretched place,

Here where I see truth.

I see truth where there is none,

The calico shows the way.


Pathetic little shrub,

Do I need more?

I missed a day,

A chance to be.


This is the point of no return,

The point when I was in need.

They dress as fiends here, I observe,

I needed you. You let me down.


I’m in a state of danger,

I’m heading towards breakdown.

My saviour’s abandoned,

Hence I’ll say former saviour and be done.


And how. I don’t even understand,

The different settings ….

I see no difference,

I’m broken.


My heart broke with the glass,

The glass shattered, over my head.

It’s fool’s gold, and a fool’s mouthpiece,

They are yet to realise their error.


All aglow, in the night time hours,

They start fires to light the sky.

The ku klux klan, nazis,

Who was right? It’s hard to say.


Over the high beam, I skip rope,

All day in a field, on a road.

Several languages – one’s obsolete,

With a swollen sense of importance.


Disheartened. It’s plain to see,

I’ll check your ticket. I’ve none.

I’m a stow away, quite clearly,

Strange coloured trains: red, white, blue.


Now the greenery’s at an end,

We approach cement and gold.

Here, where the Jews sat:

We sit also.


Hanaka, etcetera,

Ramadan. Atheism.

Don’t offer excuses,

Your faith is idiocy.


Same people pass daily,

Begging for their bread:

A stay of execution,

The hangman’s break.


A bullet through the heart,

Eye for an eye: justice.

Stalling the big rig,

Crunching its gears.


A piece of cake,

A beautiful young beggar.

I’ll buy you a coffee,

Our conversation follows.


A sad, sorry lot,

A fate of banshees and all.

She says little,

She stares at the black liquid.


Where do you stay the night?

Your hair all well kempt.

I think you lie, dear girl,

The cards are all up your sleeves.


You walk easy,

Plain and all, but not poor.

You were an actress once,

They spat you out.


I could reignite your career,

A crime or two and we’re there.

Oh, nothing heinous at all,

Robbery, armed. Twenty, to life.


I like your banter,

Your heckling ways.

It’s all the more reason,

I continue with full faith.


And outside this, you are what?

A washed up player?

A battle scarred worrier?

A world weary traveller?


I travel from home, far away I go,

A bed for three: strange.

A twelve bed room:

A rape.


My rapier’s rusted,

I’ll shine it at the next stop.

At the next store ….

The story’s long.


The storey’s high,

I see all from here.

Once famished. Once a pauper,

Now a king, and here I’ll stay.


And here, the final chapter,

A final prayer (!).

Yes. I laugh,

They’re all marauding. At a terrible loss.


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