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May 17, 2018

Madeleine says to come say hello,

A spontaneous decision: I go,

She’s there, indeed. With others,

It’s the others that trouble me,

Madeleine is quite young and beautiful,

I wouldn’t call her the love of my life,

Not yet. Now now. Never,

She’s far too gone,

Out on a limb,

Out on her own.


I’ve changed biros,

The first that fell in my hands,

Out of my bag,

The ballpoint turns and turns,

Slowly now, as I write

A love letter to Madeleine.


Her hair’s dark and quite perfect,

Quite short, with subtle waves,

She’ll be wearing a dress

On the day in question,

She knows how to make my heart a flutter.


Withdrawn desire,

I’m decided to live without,

No response, as expected,

Every word is a blessing,

From all and sundry,

Especially sundry,

On a Sunday.


Madeleine invited me a Sunday,

A strange day, true,

But she’s a strange girl,

Always cheery,

A nice girl. Yes.


Where was she when I was born?

Not yet in the realm of existence,

An embryo. It’s true:

I’ve never met her. I embellish,

I dream. I imagine,

Our first kiss, behind a grand oak,

Hidden from the party,

Her own.


The kiss will be quite passionate,

She’s a passionate girl,

But I won’t be the first,

She likes to kiss and tell, this girl.


Lady in blue,

With the bluest of eyes,

Blue like deep sea waters,

Blue like the dying day sky.


She knows it’s hopeless,

She needs too much company,

I’m never around,

I hide before her house,

In the bushes, I cry.


Bee keeping, honey making,

That’s her stock in trade,

Carrying on a family legacy,

No school for her,

She’ll be gone soon,

I’ll be here,

Remembering that kiss.


Once, I refused her,

I’s rather foolish,

She’d drunk a little too much,

And she does like her cider,

In large quantities, of course.


Hence, I had her,

I let her loose,

To another gentleman in the wings,

And after all, I don’t dance,

As I console myself.


This was many years ago,

I’s a child. I’s lost, ill at ease,

A woman’s advances, misconstrued,

In the small hall, unaccompanied,

She wanted my hand,

She was rejected.


Does she still think of this moment?

Most certainly not,

For her, lovers come and go,

One dance here, one dance there,

With him, with her.


Now we’re far, Madeleine and me,

Too far to be seen,

Our worlds do not intersect,

But, she’s still in blue,

With her hair short and black.


I don’t regret,

Though it’s damned me,

I’s young

Is no excuse,

A young, confident lady,

A young, awkward man,

In my suit and tie.


I danced with a giant,

Now dead from cancer,

Madeleine watched,

She wept, softly,

But still, she was joyous,

As always.


Now we’re less gigantic,

The world’s small to us here,

I need a home, not a room,

I need a garden, with vegetables,

Maybe a potted plant,

Maybe a lemon tree.


Soon, all will be forgotten,

All’s already forgotten,

But Madeleine, you were the one,

This, I now know ….


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