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September 17, 2018

It’s a blight,

He continues

To blight me,

Every morn

I observe

The damage.


I’ll go down

To see thieves,

Bandits have

The cure,

They’re abominations,

I loathe their hole,

In darkness they hide.


Today I’ll live

More than yesterday,

I’ll bathe. I’ll shave,

I’ll barely step outside,

I’ll step to the left,

Enter through a door,

Inside: all manner of evil,

A small space,

Countless men,

I regret my choice,

The hour I went out,

I wasn’t gone long.



I’m not allowed,

They don’t call out,

My name’s in a hat,

It’s disappeared,

They’ve lost all trace,

I’ve made myself known.


I sense the curse,

Why he damns himself

I don’t know,

It seems a foolery,

He damns me also,

I await a response,

Then all hell

Will be let loose.


They make it uncomfortable,

The smell of sweat,

To bed early,

Sleep doesn’t come

Till later,

I sought to forget

A barren day,

An abandoned day,

I couldn’t,

I suffered

My conscience ….

I did the minimum.


Did he call up?

I think he lied,

I may have been here,

I probably was,

I’m rarely elsewhere,

My little box shields me

From the world,

I can’t avoid myself,

Every morn, I see it,

A mourning face.


I’ve not money,

I steal instead,

They offer no work,

I was all set,

Now I pray,

I pray that it doesn’t come,

I’ve made peace

With impoverishment,

I’ll survive for years,

I’ll die on the street.


I’ve not the confidence of some,

I can’t approach them,

I choose not to speak,

I remain silent,

I wish to be lost

In a wasteland.


I hear waves crashing,

I’m far from the sea,

It’s a mystery,

Like his deformed head,

He died young,

Some say mercifully.


I’ve had my break,

Now it’s back to the slog,

Day upon day,

My posture’s rotten,

I’m a thing of beauty,

So they say,

I avoided the worst,

I see no colour,

I barely see at all.


I look down

So as not to stumble,

I asked a question,

I await a response,

Then I’ll face fate,

I’ll face it head on.


I’ve no sympathy

For the monstrous,

He made an honest living,

He found his place

Among the freaks,

He was put on show

Along with the others.


I know this name,

I once wrote of him,

I compared him

To another,

It wasn’t a compliment,

He didn’t know

How to take it,

He took it well,

Now he’s without a home.


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