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September 18, 2018

The very edge,

The only space left,

Later, I’ll be out,

I’ll leave my cocoon.


A strange guitar sound,

I wonder how it came to be,

It wasn’t an ideal setting,

They made the most of it.


Right speaker, on and off,

It creates an eerie feeling,

It gets worse and worse,

I can’t stand to rectify it.


In a traditional notebook,

I write with some ease,

I write through the margins,

A line I wish wasn’t present.


Now I feel more at ease,

The wind blows the windows shut,

The room’s now cool enough,

I recall showing off the room.


Look up! It’s in the top corner,

It’s easy to see, to find,

Climb up, go left then right,

I don’t often confuse the doors.


I recognise mine from the rest,

Mine is without a hole,

A hole filled in with paper,

Before, we could see straight through.


If I stooped, I saw straight through,

Pass the buck. You’re in charge,

If I’m not mistaken it’s your call,

You caused the logjam.


You didn’t train her,

She was thrown in at the deep end,

See out the year,

The worst move possible.


Now she’s in the firing line,

She’s dead silent,

She doesn’t dare stick her head out,

Ever supportive. They’ve lost patience.


I forgot to check something,

I’ll do it later,

I’ve all the time in the world,

So it seems.


Live recordings,

Lose the pure essence,

Count on him forgetting,

The old fool.


He can’t dress himself,

He counts on another,

Don’t count steps,

Don’t count syllables.


I’m no longer there mornings,

I’m sometimes there afternoons,

Never am I there evenings,

Only once. Never again.


I celebrated my emancipation,

A lot of money changed hands,

Lawyers were present,

Only one wore a suit.


I wouldn’t trust him,

He looks like a bum,

He speaks like a bum,

He comes to us.


Awkward conversations,

Waiting room conversations,

They lied! I was fine,

The deed was done.


Stupid girls mess it all up,

They disturb tranquillity,

The tranquillity’s forever gone,

It will never be the same.


Come here. I’ll pay your way,

He thought it was impossible,

They made it possible,

The mathematicians.


The scientists proved it all wrong,

Of course you’re wrong,

You were in the wrong place,

The wrong place and time.


What’s it like?

You never do anything,

You can’t do anything,

Doors close before your eyes.


How I long ….

I long to stroke his long hair,

Now it’s all been cut off,

He’s like any elderly man.


We’re not a danger,

I only was once,

I feared the ramifications,

She responded to my touch.


Move the plant,

Take it out of the sink,

Put it on the floor,

It induces vomiting.


Not the worst kind,

I see him with a pen,

What does he write?

A few empty words.


He once did something for me,

I paid him handsomely,

I was out the door,

In a flash, I disappeared.


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