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September 19, 2018

We’re calling to speak to her,

Your little lady,

She’s not here.

When will she back?

She’s never been here,

I’d wager she never will.

And she’s not my little lady,

She’s my mother, fools,

Two calls for no gain.


Maybe there was a purpose,

They wanted my fortune,

I’ll never hand it over.

They’ll take it by force,

They’ll take my crown,

I never wanted it anyhow.

I wasn’t made for this life,

I’m no royal,

They’ll have my head.


I married a Spaniard,

This amused me,

They didn’t know how to take it.

They didn’t understand my whim,

I want an heir to my throne,

I told all I was with child.

The child never came,

I stayed in my chamber longly,

For months, to avoid the humiliation.


Then I begin my mission:

Burn heretics at the stake,

The fire is brilliant.

Then, again, a child,

A child that wouldn’t be,

I was losing the plot.

The Spaniard has no attraction for me,

I’m not an attractive specimen,

I hear of all his conquests.


I compel him to come,

And come he does,

He remains briefly.

He has his own kingdom,

It was a marriage of convenience:

I speak Spanish fluently.

This counts for little here,

I never pay him visits,

I’m quite occupied here.


Wage war on the continent,

Lose our final foothold,

We retreat in shame.

My final failure,

My reign was shambolic,

My place will revert to my enemy.

A bastard child, like me,

But she’s a great beauty,

They’ll love her.


I’m forgotten,

There’s no shrine for me,

There’s a mere plaque.

It’s behind bars,


This is where I sent enemies.

Where I belonged,

They couldn’t touch me,

I died in my own bed.


Give way to a pragmatist,

She learnt from me,

From my errors.

I never erred!

I did what was right,

We needed to revert to our roots.

They didn’t listen,

Catholicism throughout the land,

My father was a fool.


Bride after bride,

An illegitimate child,

You believe him yours?!

He’ll die young,

This is fitting,

He wanted me out of the way.

He had his way for nine days,

Then troops stormed the throne,

They showed her mercy.


I would have liked horror,

A horrific death,

They were kind-hearted.

Who would have refused?

A life of luxury,

She had it anyway.

She ought to have remained in her corner,

It’s all incestuous,

Why don’t they think of uprising?


They once tried to overthrow us,

We sat and drank a quiet tea,

We talked out our differences.

The country is in turmoil,

Politicians have no say,

It’s an absurdity.

They need our firm hand,

Even if this means losing their lives,

They’re all lowlifes.


They cheer on executions,

They’ll be next,

Next in line.

There’s a resemblance

To our folly,

We all go the same way.

We could have been great,

A great nation ….

Too much bloodshed.


She’s a peaceful queen,

She’s weak,

She has no beliefs.

She stands for nothing,

She hides behind her righteousness,

She’s pious.

She’s pathetic,

The land will weep her passing,

She’ll name no successor.


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