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September 23, 2018

And so the story goes,

With this song playing,

Played live, so they say,

They were rigid and stiff.


A man saw the proceedings,

Headed into the other room,

He could only just hear them here,

A woman moved slowly towards him.


A ghostly figure appeared before him,

He saw rotting flesh and gizzards,

He couldn’t say how he ended there,

A strange bar, a hotel, a concert hall.


This is all based on five minutes,

He didn’t remain for much longer,

Too many strange happenings

For an unbeliever as he was.


And then there are true stories,

Children stepping off high ledges,

In a drug haze, into the abyss,

Leaving grieving parents and twin behind.


He sought to replicate his father,

His father in his youth, that he’d read of,

But his father was into harder substances

That put him to sleep, where there was no trouble.


Wake up before you go on stage,

Wake him up by any means,

Cold water in the face does little,

Icy cold water. He’ll miss the gig.


Now stories are endlessly told,

There are rumours aplenty,

He was murdered! But by whom?

Who wanted him dead? Only one.


She lives out a life of luxury,

She knows the truth. She won’t say it,

There’s nothing to say. She was shocked,

She’s yet to turn the page on the chapter.


It’s been a long chapter,

She’ll never see its end,

It will die with her, for good,

Then there will be peace for all.


She’s obnoxious, eccentric,

Thinks she knows the world,

The world’s a mystery to her,

She’s falsely confident.


She troubles nobody,

She’s quite an innocent,

Quite naïve, and she won’t

Go quietly, in silence.


She enjoyed the attention,

They were her happiest days,

There was no limit to her joys,

She thought it would be unending.


It ended with his demise,

She only stole what was needed,

Her image, a few chord progressions,

She didn’t write what she’s known for.


She poisoned his wine,

He handed her the glass,

She was flabbergasted,

She threw the glass across the room.


The shatter was heard next door,

The liquid burnt a hole in the wall,

There was great amusement,

That would have been his innards.


She resents his aid,

She needs it not,

So she tells herself,

He’s now passed it.


He’s over the hill and

Her glory days are done,

She had one last chance,

She blew it, played the wrong card.


He looks down on her fondly,

On high, he’s glad,

No more earthly torments,

He’s now free to roam.


No more living in cars,

No more obstacles,

He’s no longer bedbound,

He flies free, over walls.


He wished her well,

He had high hopes for her,

She had her triumph then left,

She proved them all wrong.


A strange face stares out,

Mouth raggedly open,

But he could play the guitar,

He played it long into the night.


He resembled a legend,

He had the same hairdo,

He did more than was expected,

He exceeded expectations.


Two deaths in two weeks,

It’s most suspicious,

She killed her bassist?

It seems most unlikely.


Sell off his knick-knacks,

Those that weren’t given away,

‘You’ll regret it’,

Maybe she does.


She wished to see his back,

She wept with the crowds,

There was no fear,

…. candlelight vigils.


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