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September 24, 2018

Let him starve,

Flames bore,

The stake’s obsolete,

The rack’s prevalent.


There’s no evidence,

He’s innocent,

Deport him.


A shady character,

He set foot inside,

She blew his brains out,

Only it was her husband,

She was acquitted

Then committed suicide.


A common course of action,

They take their own lives

After attaining their freedom.


Long forgotten cases

Remain unsolved,

Black and white footage,

Newspaper headlines.


He’s bankrupt,

The trial broke him,

He fled to Cuba,

The Cubans fleeced him.


We don’t want him back,

Not guilty though he may be,

There’s no reason to refuse him.


His wife left him,

He disappeared into obscurity,

He had his moment in the sun,

His name in the media.


He always had his face about,

At every private function,

It was easy to do him in,

But he always had alibis.


A beauty, this she was,

A face for television,

She was on the radio.


A convenient intruder,

Was he paid?

We’ll never know.


He wasn’t tried,

There were bigger fish to fry,

They’d never find the truth.


She wanted him gone,

High priced lawyers, a must,

They hold more sway than the judge.


Final instructions to jurors:

‘It would be best that she not be convicted

To avoid appeal upon appeal’,

The jury took his advice.


Twenty minutes of deliberation,

They slept in separate beds,

A pistol beside each,

They were easy targets,

They knew this.


She’ll inherit his riches

As per his last will and testament,

She’s untouchable,

There’s love in the air,

There’s heartbreak

…. staged heartbreak.


She took his life,

This is without doubt,

But she defended herself,

Her husband always knocked

Before entering her chamber,

This time he walked right in.


Strange sounds outside,

Why didn’t he announce himself?

It was a matter of urgency.


The poisoned chalice,

Hand me a glass,

Poison darts,

A poison pen,

Writing story after story,

Horror after horror.


They have to make a living,

Concocting fairy tales,

The prosecution,

Journalists in caps.


She was broken by the trial,

She left the court sobbing,

Supported by loved ones,

Had the verdict gone the other way?


Had she been led off in chains?

How would she have reacted?

We’ll never know,

She’d have shown no grace.


Easy pickings,

Still, they stray,

There’s no steady hand.


Show no emotion,

You’re playing with their lives,

You don’t even care,

You don’t realise.


The lowest echelon,

They work for pay,

Never for justice.


Show your true face,

You’re the hangman,

You pull the strings,

You’re the puppet master.


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