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September 25, 2018

Lost, forgotten,

Never found,

Never unearthed.


Luck on his side,

Had he behaved?

We’d not know him,

His name ….


A scandal, this story,


A forgotten prince,

Blotted out of history.


He was happy,

They weren’t,

You can’t stand:

Don’t come.


Bulimia misunderstood,

Quite a common defect,

There are no defects,

Not in this family.


Don’t marry in,

There’s no getting out,

There’s a hopeless future.


She’ll never take the throne,

Rest assured,

She’ll be killed off.


You speak nonsense,

You don’t know shame,

Not mine,

I’m a subject.


I’m in the system,

They count heads,

Mine’s one among many.


Head in the guillotine,

They got out,

Heads rolled.


And now I’m here,

I can’t escape my past,

They laugh openly.


We’ll free ourselves

Peacefully ….

We’ll never be free.


Have a cup of tea,

While you wait, tea,

They won’t hear you out.


It’s gruesome,

It’s incestuous,

They’re all handicapped.


Read the letters,

A fault here, there,

The guilt ….


The child’s left alone,

No parents who care,

A loving nanny,

She was cherished.


Our time was saved,

We needed not worry,

All the time in the world,

It was never scarce.


We didn’t fight for privilege,

We were the elite class,

And he died young,



Never were we next in line,

We still held our heads high:

We’re above the masses.


The child will stay behind,

He’ll be waited on,

He’s no life skills,

Like the rest of us.


He’ll never marry,

There’s no one for him,

No one amongst his friends,

His few friends.


The intelligence of an imbecile,

We had to turn our backs

For the good of our name.


Locked up as he was,

Let out twice a year,

His parents would visit ….


Contrite, they were,

They should have stopped there,

At five: five was enough.


In a sailor suit,

Always, whites and blues,

The navy wouldn’t have him.


Playing the fool

At formal functions,

He was the jester.


Always underprepared,

Homeschooled, hidden away,

They’d nowhere to send him.


The war intervened

Most conveniently,

There was no easy travelling,

No backs and forths.


They weren’t on the front line,

Their faces needed to be seen,

They could not appear afraid.


They went on the offensive,

Their livelihood was under threat,

They survived, not their youngest son.


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