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October 2, 2018

Quite a magnificent view,

I look out at it all day,

I’ve nothing else to do.


They don’t give me access,

I can’t touch my own cash,

Tomorrow will come and go,

Will all be righted?

If I can have my cash ….


They control me,

They force me to talk,

To sit and wait,

Like a fool, I wait,

It’s a new week,

Nothing’s changed.


Will I get an answer?

Not in time,

I’ll step out,

For I need to step out,

I ought to be bedbound.


Sleep no longer comes,

In daylight or nighttime hours,

I’ve much on my mind,

‘We’ll do all the work’,

And I’ll do what?


This isn’t what we publish,

But what you publish isn’t clear,

I’m glad I saw that message,

I’d have been out plenty,

I’m out plenty ….


We’ll call you,

Don’t come here,

You don’t get a receipt,

But you get a warranty ….

A lifetime warranty ….

I don’t count on living long,

The future’s ghastly,

As ghastly as the present,

The past ….


Will they call on me?

It seems I’m forgotten,

I’m ignored,

They’re right to ignore,

They’ve nothing to add.


Soon, I’ll arise,

I’ll be on my way,

I’ve already seen my doom,

‘You don’t get to ask questions’,

I’ve no rights,

I’m the star witness,

I’m the defendant,

I take the stand,

I cross-examine myself,

I put on quite a show.


I lost my place,

My memory’s shot,

They do nothing for me,

They count on me forgetting,

They open up their doors to me.


They say I’ll have an income,

I won’t work for it,

But I’ll worry,

They think I’m carefree,

I’m far from it,

I thought all was certain.


My name’s up in lights,

This does little for me,

I make no sales,

I make no money,

I never signed a contract,

I’ll breach nothing.


I seek a new home,

A place to set up shop,

I’m at a loss,

I could have been out,

Out of this rat-infested palace.


They complain and complain,

I’m desperate for human contact,

Yet I shy away from it,

I turn my face away.


All will shortly come to a head,

Three grown men in a room,

One’s afraid of a cat,

‘It’s superstition’,

I just think he’s a fool.


To whom should I address this?

This scathing letter,

You appear absurd,

You’ve the name of a fool,

You play the fool,

You’re the court jester.


How I long to see your face,

You hide from view,

No one stops a car to greet you,

You’re new here,

You don’t have a name,

I’m known,

I bother and harass.


Spelling error,

Their performance means little,

It moves me little,

This is how I used to talk.


I need a new chequebook,

Cheques aren’t accepted

So you get a discount,

I get a discount,

I’m impoverished.


Did I err?

I didn’t pay attention,

I didn’t think it necessary.


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