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October 3, 2018

Is this you?

No, but I’d like it to be,

I’d be nearing my demise,

And I’d have triumphed.


You’ve no shame

Of your ignorance,

Does your partner know?

Or is he also dumbstruck?


I mimic his efforts,

I do so poorly,

You’ve got five minutes,

Fifteen maximum.


Would you say that

To a grand master?

To a god?

Your principles are flawed.


You missed your calling:

Democracy’s a fool’s game,

And yes: I heard that too,

Over the pitter-patter ….


Will it rain?

It threatens,

I make him uncomfortable,

You don’t know who you’ve missed.


A cliché,

That’s you,

You chose a nothing name,

You’re named after your father.


My mother was the queen,

I was second in line,

I took my brother’s life,

All for a decent shot.


They strung me up,

I just desired a final word,

They wouldn’t hear of it,

I was hoisted up.


Kick the chair away,

Do the deed,

Assisted suicide,

I can’t go through with it.


I see a gas oven ….

It spews out natural gas,

I’m poisoned ….

I must now be strong ….


I skipped breakfast,

I couldn’t stomach it,

I couldn’t look at it,

Leave me a snack and go.


You’ve insulted me,

You’ve made a mockery,

I’m not even proud,

Not of my own work.


They take a liking for it,

For flawed masterpieces,

One brush stroke too many,

Should have put it down ….


Put him out of his misery,

Yes. I missed you,

You missed me, by minutes,

You waited too long ….


I listen to what’s spoken,

What’s sung,

And she’s mentally disturbed,

But, she does alright.


She holds hard onto life,

He gave it all up,

Now we hear his music ….

A train barrelled down the track ….


How does it end?

There’s no sun these days,

It’s overcast and grey ….

I struggled to give directions ….


I couldn’t find the way,

This is the third time I’ve been,

You took your time ….

I wasn’t a priority.


What have they done?

They stand and plot,

They lose their place ….

Free drinks for speakers ….


I’ll never attend,

I missed my calling,

It’s for the extroverts,

There’s nothing for me ….


I spent time on it,

I contemplated and all,

It was all for nought,

You’ve already got your man.


They had me till the end,

Now it’s been a month,

It’s clear nothing’s coming up,

But still I steal a peek ….


The crack in the door ….

Her naked body,

I didn’t mean you harm,

You’re traumatised ….


It’s a sign,

I’ll be gone again,

It doesn’t matter you say,

I recall pleasant days.


I awaited no one,

I avoided illness,

It’s a crucial time ….

That’s when she died ….


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