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October 4, 2018

A scam,

Pay more and more,

We’ll come tonight,

No. Tomorrow ….

We can’t come today,

How’s the next day?

It’s fine, except ….

I just realised I erred,

I can’t be here then,

Not for hours,

When you deign to arrive.


Lie after lie,

I was sucked in,

I wanted the work done,

It’s been a week ….

More ….


And why is this longer?

Longer than usual?

I sit and wait,

That’s my life,

My life of recent days ….


Who comes without money?

With questions aplenty?

I found her charming,

Then she looked to another,

Ever pleasant,

The ambiance is good here.


Cut corners,

They cut every corner,

I sought to cut one,

This was my folly.


There’s no hot water,

I’ll stink and sweat soon ….

Just in time for my date,

My date with destiny,

She’ll know fame soon,

It will be thanks to me,

She’ll forget me,

The hype will engross her.


Works will be necessary,

The price is reduced,

The asking price,

I’m stuck here,

I’m never moving out

To greener pastures,

This is clear.


I’ll call you after,

Come directly,

Don’t try these tricks,

I know the price,

I’ve done the research,

There wasn’t even a problem!

I’ve been swindled,

It just gets worse and worse,

There’s no light,

I rely on torches,

On candles.


There are disputes all round,

The language is foreign to me,

They took every advantage,

They had me where they wanted.


Ten litres: wouldn’t clean a thing,

I’ll go the next step up,

I’ll go around you,

You won’t have your way,

Not with me, not again,

And again, drama,

No concentration,

No semblance of freewill,

I’m in their palms ….

Their arms,

Take one final hit,

One final blow

And I’m out cold,

Technical knockout,

I’m unskilled,

They knew this,

They saw this,

There was no bluff,

It was all for show.


I’ll see my lawyer,

All will be resolved,

Not an extra cent ….

The court costs a bundle,

They’re in wigs,

They’re in costumes,

This shows their authority.


I win the case,

I never see a dime,

That’s the system,

How it works,

You buy your way in,

You sell yourself short ….



We’re in the wilderness,

All is permitted here,

There are brutal rulers,

There are overlords,

I bow down to the lion,

I’m his servant:

No. I won’t come over,

Not for dinner,

I know what’s planned,

I’ll be served up

Raw and bloody,

It’s ceremonial,

You pay in cash,

This isn’t official,

Nor is it legal,

We did you a favour,

And what a deed it was,

My hours were numbered,

So you said,

Now my time’s up,

It’s out of my hands,

I’m hogtied.


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