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October 5, 2018

And so you say all will now be better,

And well may we say, as said a great man,

A luminary: he’ll still arrive late ….

I’ll miss my urgent appointment,

I’m desperate for good tidings, a fresh start,

And here it comes: will it be of use?

They’re all in on it. I won’t pay more.


You’ve finally realised: you’re incompetent,

It’s been nine days. Now, you give up,

The fight’s lost. You’ve taken leave,

You took the coward’s way out: you feared,

You did as I told you not to. Why?

I wanted results. I wanted an end to this,

Will this be that end? Always somewhere else,

Always another priority …. yet, I wait and wait.


The police were in need, and so what?

They are no different. I’ve sacrificed all ….

I’ve given my time. I’ve wasted my time, and ….

What’s the time? Forty minutes remain,

Then, we’re late. We’re always late,

Late for the execution …. at the crack of dawn,

The guilty man walked. We couldn’t hold him,

They hold me down, they: the enemy.


And there’s a sun shining today: I won’t see it,

I won’t feel it on my skin. I’ll be at home,

I’ll be here at ten o’clock …. half past the hour,

They don’t know their way around, not here,

Electrical wires are a great mystery …. the yellow wire:

The earth wire …. I don’t need to know,

I need flowing water. Oh, it flows ….

It flows ice cold. Don’t leave yet,

Let’s wait until we see results,

Always, a new problem …. you create them!

You’re a cretin. I saw it from a mile off,

I ought to have sought a second opinion ….

It’s too late now: I’m in it deep, up to my ankles.


Tell him it’s the same old story, my life,

It’s all fine for them: they have all the answers ….

Except this one. Yes yes. Climb the stairs,

Oh, your bag is heavy? Let me lighten your load,

Not another cent: that’s what I’ve said, and,

I’ve been clear, and, I’ll see you in court.


Now it’s been weeks. What’s the solution?

Don’t touch it, is what I said …. they touched it,

And what will this moron resemble? A fool?

Maybe he’ll be old. Maybe he’s experienced,

The expert! Finally, the expert …. I hope,

He’s got thick skin, thick skin and rubber boots,

Rubber boots to stave off the electrocution risk,

I hope you fry. The chair was made for you,

Your innards will seep out. You’ll convulse,

I’ll smile along with the rest of them,

We’re not your friends. Don’t extend invitations,

There’s no one else? That doesn’t surprise me,

You’re selfish and cruel. You don’t care: that’s the problem,

Where else have you been? How many feathers have you plucked?

You skinned it alive? That doesn’t surprise me.


I see that they’re all in your corner,

I’m alone in mine, except when you enter the ring,

You’ll go for the knockout blow. I’ll evade it,

I have wiles. I have rights on my side ….

They’ll count for nought. There’s no recourse,

There’s no guarantee, I know. You lie,

You give me your word. This doesn’t suffice,

I’ve heard it all before: don’t worry …. I worry.


I won’t leave him with the key, like a cad,

I won’t make the rendezvous …. it could be worse,

Did I take my pills? I may have forgotten,

I forgot in the brouhaha, upon seeing the mess,

The mess that’s been caused: there’s trouble all about,

A new man …. I should have called the woman ….

The woman in red, a red overcoat. She sees all,

Her crystal ball tells all, all the earthly sins.


Pleasure …. there’s no pleasure here, only stress,

Stress and anxiety: I loathe these people ….

He won’t know the score. I’ll explain …. longly,

For the longest time I’ve been without light,

I was without light then a flushing toilet,

It’s a comedy. It’s a farce. No: don’t do that,

Don’t do as you wish in your own home.


I went without breakfast, most unlike me,

I had no taste for it. I had no appetite,

Now, the hunger hits. It hits hard,

Rip out the rotten floorboard. It’s all in vain,

Plastic coverings over electrical wires,

No rodents will eat through this …. I’m sure,

I’m sure of nothing except that I’m a dimwit,

Stand firm. Today I’ll stand for all,

What car am I looking out for? I don’t even know,

Still, I look out in desperation …. I’m desperate,

Now, the stakes are high. Now, the game’s serious,

A royal flush. Twenty one. The jack of spades,

Count out my winnings …. there’s but loss here.


The same charade: it repeats itself,

His gold is my garbage. I don’t have an answer,

Turn the lights out. Light up a candle,

You broke all that was important to me,

All that I own. There’s already been a marvel:

All seems much the same as it was before,

All except for the crucial element …. I can’t live,

I can’t bathe …. I’ve a date tomorrow,

True love, it could have been. Now, it’s done,

Love will never find me, in truth. All’s against me.


Face the wall. Say your prayers. This is the end,

I saw it coming. I longed for this death,

Don’t come a-calling. I’ll be out of my depth,

The waters are shallow. The waves hit hard,

The gusts of wind shatter windows …. the moon’s pull,

What brings it about? The great mystery.


It’s a long way off. It’s the furthest we’ve been,

We …. only several men. There was one disaster,

They couldn’t touch down. All went to rack and ruin,

Gas heating. It would be a wondrous thing,

Here, I’m fully dependent on the guilty party,

We’ll leave it all to you, though I’ve got no space,

I don’t know what to do with it. In the bin it goes.


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