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October 7, 2018

Reading idiot articles

Before a long day of work.

All’s well in my life

After a week of turmoil,

More than a week.

There was no problem,

They touched it; it died.


I love the incompetence

And the stupidity …. unemployed.

They believed my lies,

I don’t believe in theirs.

Yes. I work …. I’m always here,

I’m always waiting for you.


…. maybe it’s arrived,

Check downstairs,

I hate that shop.

Let them do what’s right,

You help no one.


The world’s out to get me,

Everyone’s against me.

Paranoia …. I’m paranoid,

You would be too.

All functions perfectly,

You took your sweet time.


Don’t draw power from there,

You’ll start a fire ….

You could start a fire.

Had you waited another day

All would have gone up in smoke,

But I have no way of knowing this,

If this is the truth or lies.


You’re the experts,

You’ve the equipment,

Test for electricity,

It’s dead. You’re without,

I’ve been without for a while.

Give us four days,

We’ll be back on the fifth.

All went to hell before this,

Tomorrow, you’ll save us all.


We can’t send someone else,

You’ve already an appointment,

And I’m without all resources here.

The milk’s gone bad,

It tasted alright,

It smelled alright.

I was in agony,

No sleep came my way.


You poisoned me,

You poisoned my life,

My life’s in the gutter.

This is more important!

It’s easy to understand.

It’s all a coincidence ….

I don’t believe you.


And, you still telephone,

What can I do for you?

I’ll never know,

I don’t answer,

I’ll never answer.

What? My message impacted you?

I hope so. I’d hoped so.


We were never friends,

Don’t take a friendly tone.

Now you see: I was never fooled,

I always had plans

Stored at the back of my mind,

You never saw them coming.

I kept the cards close to my chest,

You saw nothing coming,

I held aces up my sleeve.


A dunce’s paradise,

I’ll be your worst nightmare,

You’ll soon be out of work,

I won’t weep a single tear.

You’ll come and stand guard,

It won’t be safe to leave my home ….

I never leave my home,

Why didn’t you just stay home?


You’ve no knowledge,

There’s no upside,

It took too long,

It cost too much.

Lawyers now guide me,

They’re free. There’s no obligation.

You made me feel obligated,

I was desperate,

You saw my desperation.


It will be under the table,

I’d like it on the table,

I’d like it legitimate,

We’ll do as we wish,

We do it for you!


A pathetic affair,

I feel ashamed,

I know it’s all gone,

It’s down the drain ….

Hot water pushes it down,

There was hot water,

Then there wasn’t,

Then there was again.

Pay us more

Despite what was said.

Never. Away with you,

Never seek us out again,

Don’t worry. I won’t.

I’ll go above you,

Exactly what you fear.


Don’t call them,

Call us directly.

It’s all legal, of course,

I’m sure it is,

With your fat gut sticking out,

Your dirtied clothing ….


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