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October 8, 2018

It’s all blank,

A clean slate,

Back to the start,

The status quo,

Everything works,

It’s a miracle.


Photographs of life,

That’s your life-savings,

Just to see the world,

You made it here,

To the other side,

To the mainland,

Off the island.


You won’t come here,

That’s too far,

And, I’d accuse,

You were untrue,

You told a lie,

I was up on stage,

There was no crowd,

I was happy alone.


Have an absinthe,

It’s our speciality,

Note our name,

We’re not subtle,

I’m most discreet,

I don’t comment,

There’s nothing to add,

They say it all.


I’m not jealous,

I’ve seen enough,

I’ve already visited,

Not quite there ….

Near enough,

There’s life there,

And you’re a stranger,

You’re an east target.


Climb to the hill’s summit,

There’s a church there,

Nuns and all walk by,

The high priest never leaves,

Prepare to meet him,

Take your shoes off,

Shave your head,

Put on a robe.


I won’t answer to you,

Your superiors call,

They know there’s a problem,

They hear it in my voice,

No. I won’t be silent,

I won’t be still,

Always in motion.


I denounce,

I forgot,

We had an appointment,

I was never a priority,

I was locked out

Of my own home,

You did god knows what,

Orgies, etc.


You always complained,

Now it’s my turn,

You see how you erred,

Put your arm around me,

When will you arrive?

Twenty minutes,

Always, twenty minutes.


Expand your mind,

You realise your error,

You misjudged,

And I judge harshly,

And I listen out,

There are sirens

Off in the distance,

The siren song,

I’m under her spell.


You don’t know me,

You didn’t know

I’d put up a fight,

I’ll struggle all the way ….

Yes. We know that,

We know the stereotype,

We don’t believe it,

Then what’s your purpose?

What’s your aim?

Who do you target?

I see …. hypocrisy,

I see it all round.


Come here a second,

It doesn’t click off,

It functions correctly,

Tap the wall,

What do you hear?

There’s nothing within,

We can punch out a hole,

Sledgehammer to the head.


I choose not to look up,

Upstairs …. I can’t make it,

I drag a load behind me,

Round the figures off

To the closest hundred,

The highest hundred ….

Rip-off merchant,

You did me no favour.


Send me a copy,

An invoice,

You don’t understand,

It was under the table,

And this is how you operate?

Normally, yes,

I’ve faith in you,

You did it all for me,

Now I battle,

You’ll never be back,

I won’t open my door.


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