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October 9, 2018

There’s nothing to add,

You’ve heard it all before.

I remember quiet evenings,

The films would move us,

The films would remind us.


For now, all’s quiet,

Soon, the hordes will roll in.

Today, it starts again,

I know the first line,

I know nothing else.


She sits and reads the paper,

She’s bored of the monotony,

Every day is the same,

I hear her on the phone,

Always the same line ….

Can you hold please?

Something different,

She’s busy. She’s occupied,

She needs to know the reason,

Why do they come?

They could go anywhere else

…. she tells some ‘no’,

She says to go anywhere else,

He won’t see you,

Not today, nor tomorrow,

I’m the gatekeeper,

They ring from below,

I allow them entrance,

They’re all welcome,

I don’t even listen.


Bless you. Thank you,

I’ve a call to make,

I hesitate. I wait,

Let it all pass.


They’re named after a city,

They’re a long way out,

A certain love was there,

She’ll never be mine,

We listened to music,

It was unimpressive,

It was background music,

Not intended to affect,

We were unaffected,

We cried at the masses,

They remained silent,

Silenced …. they feared,

There was no ambiance,

Put on a disc,

It has the same effect,

And then, you help no one.


No. It’s not my piano,

I teach piano: I play along,

I don’t pay tax,

There’s always a way around.


I no longer check,

There’s little need,

I know there’s nothing there,

Why would there be?


Your situation’s changed,

I don’t see how,

I’m not obliged to speak,

I don’t speak,

I speak out of turn.


Unfortunately, yes,

I’m telling the truth,

They end up elsewhere,

I suggest where they can go,

They won’t be here,

She whispers. I don’t know why,

He locks the door tight,

There’s nothing to hear,

Clearly there is,

Now’s the time that I hope,

Just wait another moment,

Don’t pull up,

You’re late already,

Don’t arrive yet.


I know why I’m here,

Don’t count on me:

I’m not your doctor,

I’m but a nurse

…. not quite a nurse,

I’ll soon be a nurse

…. I hope,

You’re lowly,

You’re poor,

It’s a whore’s work,

It was ….

Whores and nuns,

Side by side.


Stand, hand on heart,

On breast …. arousing,

Sing the national hymn,

Sing in the church choir,

He sang, never the leading man,

Now he’s made his name,

Now we forget,

He still thinks of the past

…. why did they choose me?

What if they hadn’t picked me?

I’d be sweeping up floors,

I mopped up floors

At the schoolhouse,

They recognised me,

They laughed …. not for long.


It took me slightly longer,

And I’m not told how or why ….

How many …. I count on my hand,

Family sells me out,

It’s overpriced!…

I didn’t decide this,

Stop over. Save on postage,

It will be cheaper,

It’s direct. It’s better,

They keep all the profits,

I signed no contract,

I hold tightly to my life.


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