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October 11, 2018

It’s gone astray,

And I was a fool,

It’ll show up itself,

It’ll come out in the wash,

It’s lost under cover.


I couldn’t. I just couldn’t,

I couldn’t reprimand him,

We embraced instead,

It will soon be holidays,

I wouldn’t know,

It’s all the same to me,

I awaken when I wish,

I awaken early,

There’s much to do,

Unremunerated work,

No one sees me at work,

But I work hard,

I sit on uncomfortable chairs ….


I put my shoes on,

I remain indoors,

Life goes on outside,

I hear it all,

I see it all.


If only I was of a certain age,

I’d have no more worries,

I’d remember long gone pasts,

I remember it still,

It was on the radio,

I was in a stranger’s car,

He was a fool,

He was endlessly wise,

He chose peace,

A particularly loud end,

A single shotgun blast,

The neighbours heard nothing.


I cut this song off short,

Yesterday, it had no end,

Well-to-do holidaymakers

Never stop off at my door,

I wouldn’t welcome them.


Today, I’ll go far and wide,

As far as I ever go,

This is untrue,

My doctor’s further out,

He cures no ill,

His drugs do a world of good,

I can’t sleep in daylight hours,

This troubles me,

And they paid for the best schools,

Then father and husband died,

He was ever antisocial,

He left a note in the casket,

It will never be read,

He taught me everything I know,

Then he went away.


I learnt his ethics,

He was white collar,

I’m blue collar,

We all moved on,

We all die of cancer ….


We all die of something,

He committed suicide,

It was a passive suicide,

He stopped eating,

I take depressants to slumber,

I lie in bed and I’m overtaken,

I’ll move near to you,

I’m feeling lonesome ….

But, I moved away from you,

My emancipation will never be.


It required a trip by plane,

I’m now away from it all,

I wasn’t a wise child,

I was in love with her,

She’d never be mine ….


She’s in all of our hearts,

Don’t say her name,

Her present name,

I recall her better,

She was irrepressible,

Irrepressibly arrogant,

And she was right,

And he followed me everywhere,

I followed him once,

Her lust was true ….

She didn’t know any different.


I erred in my praise,

You’re nobody,

You’re too content,

Pick up the guitar,

Play a note or two ….


But, play it in public,

I don’t wish to hear it,

Not anymore,

And, get off the phone,

You’ve nothing to recount ….

You’re no longer pure at heart,

You forsook your purity,

You didn’t await me,

It would have been illegal,

I don’t think you realised ….


You knew him well,

I encouraged him,

They encouraged him,

They were terribly wrong,

He didn’t seek their applause.


He won …. nothing,

The certificate was his shame,

It certified that he was doomed

And going nowhere,

He broke a dear soul,

She wouldn’t take him back,

She was right,

He was too troubled,

Now, she’ll never be the same.


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