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November 16, 2018

A call home,

A call out,

Nothing came,

I was ready,

Walk through the door,

Ring the bell,

No response.


She replied

With bad news,

I’m indifferent,

All’s quiet,

I wonder,

They think they care,

The exit’s there,

I’m searching.


Step in fire,

Burn bright red,

Burn longly,

Shut down the hope,

Shut up the shop,

It’s but a room,

My enemy,

I miss him.


She’s pregnant,

She took time,

The baby’s born,

He looks away,

The window’s closed,

Back and forth

They always go.


Stare straight ahead,

They’re children,

At once they’re here,

I await

The silence.



Are standing

Before a crowd,

He attacks me,

Strings me up

With steel strings.


Take a bow,

It’s over,

You played well,

It’s legal

On the street,

In discomfort,

He’s her lover,

A lucky man,

She’s charming.


Across the sea,

A distant light,

I accept this,

I see clearly,

Wooden barracks

Are freezing,

Rat infested,

We’re vermin.


Don’t count down,

It’s finished,

He’s in a box,

Ready to move,

Doctors cure

Fools and witches.





Songs and prayers,

Side by side

In a circle,

Speak to spirits,

A poltergeist.


Vengeful men,

Have time off,

Repeat the word,

It’s difficult,

They don’t listen,

Arrive early,

Arise early,

The day beckons,

The day breaks.


I hear a sound,

They’d say I’m loud,


It starts on time,

Pay my way,

I’m the poorest,

They say I’m free,

I’m caged, beaten.


I’m stripped naked,

Bring a suitcase,

A change of clothes,

We’ll rob you blind,

Children suffer,

Gold and silver

Is offered,

Offer yourself.


It’s desolate,

It’s poetry,



Genocides bore,

I still believe,

Love’s holy,

Love falsely,

Liberate hearts.


I’m not learned,

I teach them,

They’re now wise,

Sign your name,

I’m waiting,

It’s too late,

Give it a year,

Give or take.


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