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November 17, 2018

It’s early

And I’m up

To maintain

A peaceful

Humdrum state.


I lie flat

On a couch.

How I’d like

To return

To a hav-

En: my bed.


Come Tuesday

I’ll die slow-

Ly, facing

My demons.

On Monday

They’ll disturb

Me on end.

They’ll call me.

I never

Said two words.


Send along

Your best hope.

I saw her

Before them.

They don’t look

Out for me.


Play her songs.

She was moved.



Is knowing.


Speak to me.

I’ll wait long.

I’ll leave soon.

I’ll walk blind

Into alleys.


Come upon

Us in tweed.

In book shops

Steal and gift.

Keep money

For yourself.



You’re troubled.


Belles lettres and





Are your life.

I see you

Through the cracks.

You’re naked,

You’re nothing.

Aroused? No.


For a time

I lied, sinned,

Ashamed. Though

I knew love

After your


You took flight.

You’re far now.

You’re homesick.

It’s life here

Or there. It’s

All the same.



Views are sad.

I’ll bore them.

I was born.

The wrong age

Holds steadfast.


Borrow names.

She’s not free.

Common thieves

Know the way.

I’m most lost.

I refuse

Her true love.


I don’t cry.

Climb the stairs

Up two flights.

See the world,

Not the ground.


Catch a bus

To horror.

Remind me

To forget.

She broke me.

I’m damaged.


All was fine.

I could live

Poorly and



She looked sick.

She was thin.

Run from me.

No hello,

Excuse me.

Find her then.

You’re absurd.

You’re jealous.


Say the truth.

I’ve only

Eyes for you,

Not always.


Laughter was

Mine. I let

Go your hand.


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