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November 20, 2018

Twenty years,

Simple times,

Where it went

I don’t know.


Crowded rooms

Of town halls,


And errors.


The fool spoke,

He came out,

Twenty years,

It was clear.


She longs now

And recalls,

On the top

Of the world.



Winters and

Springs. We freeze,

It’s humid.


Before or

After. I


No longer.


Rhyming slang,

Marked in gold

Or silver,

It works out.


It gets there,

To the source,

Fat off it,

She’s rich, vain.


She needs it

For herself,

For habits,

She’s troubled.


In choirs

She sings loud,

She’s too strong,

Her voice breaks.


Opera queens,

Drama queens,

She’s a queen



I’m not there,

I tire

In shadows,

I sleep now.


The beauty

Is blinding,

Her skin’s young,

She’s older.


Twenty years,

She’s ashamed,

It’s the same,

All was fine.


It passed quick,

The world turned,

Closed curtains,

We’re blinded.


Watching screens,

Watching time,

Twenty years,

I missed out.


She’s special

In my eyes,

She was cruel,

She’s broken.


I’ll love her,

She saved me,

She saw me,

I played loud.


Alarms sound,

It’s dark out,

Step too close,

Reach out, touch.


It distorts,

It shatters,

I was known,

I was one.


I sit still,

I wallow,

I stay home

In the warmth.


Meet fathers,

Brothers. They’re

Holding tight,

It’s easy.


In the sun,

In the south,

I was right,

It’s too long.


Twenty years

And six days,

Avoid them

For hours.


Weeks have come

And gone, been,

Right a wrong,

She’s guilty.


In the cold,

Step outside

Into death,

The terror.


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