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November 21, 2018

Turn the page

Of a new book,

A new chapter,

A fresh start:

It’s illusory.


Stepping back

And all’s changed,

There’s no way back.

Add a year,

It’s not worth it.


I’ll go elsewhere.

They’re rich off me,

Add a wing,

Distribute wealth,

Take my land.


Secondhand goods.

Today’s long,

It stretches out.

I listened,

Within earshot.


It was pleasant,

It was a shock,

It was needed.

I learnt from him,

He changed me.


I’ll ask her out,

I won’t see her,

She’s busy,

She stood me up,

Watching the time.


Calling, calling,

No answer.

It’s a heatwave,

In open air,

The noonday sun.


Speak my language,

It’s easy,

She understood,

She heard my voice,

The whispered words.


There’s a crowd,

We line up,


Don’t mention it,

I wait and wait.


Street corners,


Ready to launch,


Friendly fire.


I missed my love,

She stole hours,

I’d been promised,

She told a lie,

Quite terrible.


I was ashamed,


I read her thoughts,

She signs her name,

Her initials.


I’m blinded,

It’s in Braille,

Write in cursive,

Lower case

Letters home.


Special women,

They honour them,

They’re now dead,

Another age,

She lost soulmates.


He was equal,


It’s all untrue,

She’s our shame,

We respect her.


On wedding nights

Everything’s black.


Learn Latin,

Speak Hebrew.


A cross to bear,

It’s most hidden.

See the surface,

Look below,

A flesh wound.


Knock on my door,

Make a call,

I’m silenced.

There’s nothing,

It’s an error.


It’s a falsehood,

I wrote a song.

I was needed,

I was cut loose,

There was no more.


I bled out,

I’m the same,

I’m ashamed.

I’m convinced,

I’m guilty.


Accept advice,

She doesn’t care.

Sleep over,

Fully clothed,

Squander wealth.


Plunder the poor,

Close the window,

It’s raining.

She hummed a tune,

She’s his idol.


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