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November 22, 2018

Lying long,

The sun’s rising,

Pick up the phone,

Make the call.


Barred from home,

From heaven,


I knew it well.


A long walk,

A bus ride,


Leave them sitting.


They run amok,

They’re foolish,

They understand

All but nothing.


It becomes clear,

Speak slowly,

I lose my voice,

I lose patience.


Hang on tight,

Listen hard,

Don’t move around,

Sit still and calm.


It’s long and loud,

Shall I go?

There’s no advice,

Make your mind up.


There’s no care,

There’s but worry,

They’re far out,

Ride the rails.


Pay the bills,

I’m too poor,

There are no gifts,

The text’s missing.


It went by sea,

Across oceans,

The Atlantic,

There’s no weeping.


There’s no farewell,

I’ll return

In two years,

She’ll remember.


She’s married,

I bored her,

The same words,

They’ve grown up.


Without me

They move through life,

Ages pass by,

I’m older.


Perhaps I erred,

I knew it well,

It seemed right,

I don’t need him.


I’ll abandon,

I’m just like them,

Write about me,

There’s a story.


There’s an angle,

They complain,

I smile,

I’m on my way.


They demand this,

Teenage words and




I was doomed,

I was a fool,

The sky thunders,

Leave them alone.


Let them work,

He’s my horror,

He’s big and black,

Slip and slide.


Step out with him,

Stay beside him,

He’s in my arms,

They learn quick.


Leave me alone,

There’s peace here,

Troubled waters,

Do as I wish.


I weep in court,

I’m the jester

In a suit,

Take a break.


Five minutes late,

A quarter to

The hour,

Pay my way.


I’m not worthy,

I’m nobody,

I deserve this,

I was cruelled.


Find me a place,

Place a bet,

I’m sickly,

The train departs.


I’m just late,

Stand up to them?


Forget it.


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