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November 27, 2018

A lack of patience,

I’ve somewhere to be,

I’ve hours to wait,

Days drag on and on.


A few more minutes

Of sleep in the warmth

Of bed and bedclothes,

Tired of it all,

The letter is sent,

I respond in time.


All is absurd here,

Break their hearts with pleas,

Please sir, another,

I’ve no words to say,

Pushed into corners.


Force him into death,

Stab her. Watch her die,

Hold her in your arms,

Now it’s quiet and

I’m glad. You question,

Put your book away.


Dates under my nose,

Refuse her at length,

I’ll see you in months,

Time passes swiftly,

The blink of an eye,

Your child suffers,

I’m responsible.


Make-believe omens,

The word in your head

Never existed,

Sadly on your lips,

I’ll kiss you, her too.


I needed to prove

Something to myself,

I can do this too,

I speak my language,

They don’t understand,

I persist in vain.


Strange children’s faces,

Get out of this room,

You’re not a real man,

You’re patriotic,

Strange creatures in blue.


She’s too beautiful,

I can’t turn away,

I look up and down,

Let’s buy a guitar,

You’re a strange woman.


Let’s get lost in town,

We’re in the suburbs,

Don’t knock on my door,

I read of brave men,

They’re burning witches.


There was no way out,

There’s trash in the pit,

She was innocent,

He comes only once,

He doesn’t need you.


How shall I proceed?

With great care and haste,

There’s solace and fame,

They’re destined for nought,

They’ll fail. It’s fine.


Tie him to the wall,

He sits, watching flags,

They blow in the wind,

Crucify cretins,

Jesus on a cross,

We make it easy,

They’re ready with words,

You deserve fancy,

I’m insulted by this.


I’ll watch them crying,

Why now? It’s most odd,

The hour is nigh,

I was beside her,

I didn’t touch her,

I was quite afraid,

I’ll be a stranger,

I watched her vanish,

One sole desire,

Her porcelain skin,

She’s forgotten me.


She was mistaken,

A message in vain,

It washed up on shore,

You’re cancer riddled,

I’m inspiring,

You’ll never see me,

You’ll never call out.


It costs a fortune,

You receive nothing,

I see her small fist,

She holds steadfastly,

It’s in vain, my dear.


Be wary of priests,

They’ll lock you up, rape,

But it’s all sacred,

It can’t be the same,

Two separate lessons,

The sacred teachings.


Sit in pairs, wonder,

Look out the window,

There’s nothing outside,

There’s but salvation.


I’m offended, true,

I’m jealous. I lie,

You’re unattractive,

I loathe your smile.


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