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November 28, 2018

I’ve lost my home,

I’m lost for words,

I don’t know the time,

The time to step out.


It’s a mystery,

The children suffer,

They suffer at my hands,

Young women are tortured,

I run them down at night,

They’re accented, beautiful,

She has stitches in her head,

She was struck and beaten.


Now he’s in handcuffs,

He’s being led away,

He’s led astray, in a cell,

He has time to reflect,

Many have gone missing,

They’re buried in the sand,

No one came searching.


There was a heroic act,

He did nothing special,

He arrived on the scene,

It was by chance,

First, he turned his head,

He went the other way,

Then he stopped to listen,

He heard her out then,

He searched for the villain.


They’re forever united,

I see them running,

They run to each other,

They embrace. There’s love,

It’s most amicable,

She asked for her company,

It was an adventure,

Little did they know,

They fought for their lives,

They won by miracle,

Find my dear friend,

She’s being hunted, hounded,

She’s prey. She bleeds,

He’s most brutal, violent.


She could have saved them,

She didn’t make the call,

Her testimony is denied,

She’s not trustworthy,

He’s found not guilty,

He’ll die in prison,

He’ll die of old age,

He regrets nothing,

He’s culpable of past deeds.


One in a billion chance,

Lock him up for good,

Throw away the key,

He was always innocent,

He couldn’t right the wrong,

The corpse disappeared.


He didn’t expect a fight,

He’s the fortunate one,

She stepped off a balcony,

She fell to the ground,

She screamed as she flew,

He heard nothing,

It doesn’t matter now,

Say what you wish,

You weren’t there,

She was temporarily insane,

She attacked me with knives,

I restrained her with ease,

I called my lawyer first,

I went out for a walk,

I left with discretion,

I sat down to a meal,

She lay dead on the ground,

She’s at my feet,

I step over her callously,

The authorities are present.


I make up figures,

In truth I’ve forgotten,

It’s completely normal,

You’re from another age,

Another space and time,

I’m out of time and alone,

I don’t admit my flaws,

I’m pathetic. I’m lonesome.


The words are repeated,

They’ve been memorised,

I arise slowly at dawn,

I rise up from the grave.


She’s just given birth,

She’s given up on life,

It all became too hard,

Now she stays home,

She cancelled a date,

It sold out in an instant,

She sold out. One-off show,

This continent deserves her,

We were her reality,

Then the truth bore down.


Her child’s beside me,

She’s down the road,

I know. You named her,

She’s your heart and soul,

She’s your life. He isn’t,

You’re sorry. I know you well,

I knew you as a child,

I was a child too,

We were together.


He played with me,

I came and wished him well,

I owed him everything,

He made my youth joyous,

I grew up with him,

He was wise, years older,

It’s greatly troublesome,

He’s nobody. It’s tragic.


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