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November 30, 2018

I know it well,

I can’t teach it,

It’s to be learned,

He’s most learned,

I know the names,

They change places.


I was once lost,

I was ashamed,

I walked alone,

I’m abandoned

On a dark beach.


They lied. They laughed,

They stare with spite,

It’s serious,

A hollow prayer.


Silent gestures,

Forgotten woes,

Go walk about,

Repeated words.


I was at home,

I saw him there,

You’re with him here,

All tumbles down,

I struggle up,

Stumbling, falling.


I’m failing,


Don’t look my way,

Turn the corner.


Lie on the tracks,

You’ll be flattened,

A suicide,

I understand.


It stops and starts,

I was early,

Under darkness,

A cloak-and-dagger.


I stole money,

He’s merciful,

He lets you go,

Stand on tiptoes,

He’s flailing,

He refused you.


Open windows,

We breathe easy,

We barely live,

All’s fine for him.


He’s out of town,

I control them,

I conceal drugs,

I’m stopped at length.


Take my picture,

I’m quite ashamed,


Show me the proof,

Open the door.


I’m satisfied,

This world is cruel,

I once had dreams,

I’m now awake.


I remember,

She made a call,

She wished to know

How life progressed,

How’s your new home?

I’m ill at ease.


They’re transient,

He’s offended,

Music’s magic,

Strum a few chords,

Pay attention,

Make a living.


He’s everything,

To me he’s god,

Call me evil,


I’m a monster.


There’s a password,

Debunk the myth,

Undo the latch,

He’s locked within,

Stab him with swords.


You rise for them,

You’re insolent,

I’m not worthy,

Her love’s amiss,

She holds a fool.


He’s deceiving,

He forgot you

For many years,

Half a decade.


Hang up the phone,

He misses you,

He thinks of you,

He mutters words,

She may have loved.


She’s been betrothed,

She’s wholly yours,

Holy children,

They should be mine.


A photograph,

It’s your daughter,

A carousel,

A gay smile.


You pay her way,

She’s free to flee,

There’s no one there,

The street’s silent.


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