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December 1, 2018

There’s a crowd,

A small space,

Come with wine,

She’ll be rich,

She’ll be the



I’m afraid,

I’m not sure,

It’s late, cold,

I step out,

Catch a train,

I change lines.


I look back,

Hear a track,

Hear it twice,

The time’s here,

The second,

I’ll be judged,

I’m guilty,


Is destroyed

In the past.


Moments pass,

Watch the clock,

Hours cease,

I’m sickened,

I’m at home,

I’m at ease,

Thinking long,

I reflect,

I’m ready.


Rhyming slang,

Play a song,

It’s not yours,

There’s no more,

You erred then,

You regret.


What’s been said?

Who’d have thought?

She’d hate it,

Buy a round,

I’m poorer

Than before.


There’s passion,

Write a cheque,

Pay the rent,

Dispose of


He’s a love,

She’s charming,

Maintain peace.


Ask her back,

She’s demure,


She’s the sole,

Gone astray,

Stepped aside.


Say your piece,

Frighten her,

Yes. I know,

There’s no peace,

You’re discreet,



It’s for fools,

We’re better,

On our way,


It’s raining

On the town.


I foresaw

A downfall,

Divide wealth,



Say a prayer,

They shout it.


We’re out east,

The wall’s down,

It’s nothing,

Now it’s done,

We’re guilty,

Police charge.


We can’t hide,

Stay with her,

The newborn,

Spend the night

Far from home,

She’s precious,

Not enough.


It’s easy,

Ring the bell

Dear hunchback,

Translate words,

Dictate thoughts,


I’m thinking.


Step down, friend,

Tell a lie,

Don’t confess,

You’re truthful,

Forget me,

Never write.


Turn around,

Say adieu,

Walk away,

Down the stairs,

I recall

Our farewell.


Work alone,

She was great,

Dear to me,

Teach me well,

I speak well

Thanks to you.


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