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December 2, 2018

The ink ran out,

I was away,

There’s humouring.



Brothers, sisters,

Family sits down,

Christmas dinner,

I’m far from you.


It’s critical,

They need to learn,

Speak but my words.


I give sermons

Up on my hill,

It’s a fortress,

I feel safe here,

I don’t mingle,

Sombre affairs.


My love was there,

She didn’t lie,

I believe her,

I believed her.


She’s changed again,

She changed her mind,

We’re mature,

She’s leaving town,

I’ll miss her then,

I miss her now.


Pay through the nose,

Live with mother,

Father’s absent,

He abandoned,

He died slowly.


It’s your birthday,

We celebrate,

You’ll be alone,

I drop you off,

Precious front doors,

Come on up, friend.


Sleep on shoulders,

Train carriages

Rock back and forth,

It makes me sleep,

Put him to sleep,

He’s all quiet.


There’s no passion

In vacant eyes,

She disappears,

She’s heading north,

North-west and then

She’ll be pampered.


She’s young. I’m old,

There’s time to spare,

She has no plans,

Make a fortune,

I see it well,

I see it all.


Grow up elsewhere,

In the desert,

Men surround you,

A sorry state

Is ours. We’re bored,

I harass you.


He’s in glasses,

Making small talk,

It will end here.


I refused her,

Lose her at night,

In the darkness.


She won’t remain,

Let’s hear your voice,

Speak honestly,

I forget names,

I remember.


It’s too formal,

She paid too much,

A home office,

She sits at home,

She puts on weight,

I’m attracted.


I’m false to her,

I’m world-weary,

I’m panicking,

Losing myself.


Is she the one?

I believe so,


I’m sorry …. no,

Remain with me,

Don’t go missing,

She’s gone missing,

She’s gone astray,

Her absence shocks.


I waited days,

I held too tight,

I let out cries.


I was in tears,

He dominates,

Leave her alone,

She’s on her way.


They prefer you,

You should be mine,

You’re fortunate,

I never knew

Inner sanctums.


I saw futures,

This is my house,

Take off your shoes.


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