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December 5, 2018

Morning comes,

Ring the bell,

No writing,

Not today.


Do dishes

In the sink,

The clatter,

Hear it all.


I’ll be late,



Left waning.


Down the stairs,

Come in hordes,

Who is she?

She greets me.


In the dark,

On and off,

Keep moving,

Wave your hand.


See doctor,

Right on time,

Await colds,

They snap hard.


Speak. Mumble

To yourself,

One chance left,

Down and out.


On the floor,

The poor bore,

Raise money,

It dictates.


His harem’s

Full of wives,


And leak out.


A hello,

Some laughter,

How are you?

I know love.


Prefer them,

Their short hair,

Prepare for

No return.


Have a shot,

Strike a match,

Flames run out,

Smoke’s fleeting.


I can’t wait,

It’s quite fine,

See me there,

Strange places.


Wear a crown,

You’re the king,

Don shirtsleeves,

A bare chest.


He’s mean, small,

He stands guard,

I know codes,

I’ll break in.


Dirty shoes,

Fake leather,

A false tone,

Walk surely.


Serene words,

Hit a note,

The crowd sings,

They’re in time.


One more down,

Vodka shots,

Feed vices,

I’m infringed.


Starving dog

With rabies,

Leave the cat,

It’s too hard.


Another end,

It’s Christmas,

I tire,

Close your eyes.


Finished books,

Gifts for friends,

They’re grateful

In new homes.


Nice kitchen,

Pale lies,


Doors open.


Nothing’s free,

The cruelty,

Step aside,

Raise your fists.


A password


Months of rest,

Locked in chains.


Push buttons,

All begins,

See an end,

Foreign hymns.



Surround me,

Love letters

And sorrow.




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