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December 6, 2018


In hiding,

In deep sleep.


Alarms sound,

I don’t move,

He bit hard.


Different men

Hold on tight,

I’m faithful.


Dusty rooms,

Dirty couch,

It’s useless.


Cancel dates,

I won’t sign,

My life’s mine.


Take it all,

It’s for you,

I’m nothing.


I’ve nothing,

The poorhouse

Is my home.


Late at night,

The day’s hard,

Forgiveness ….


Love’s betrayed,

She pays well,

I’m surprised.


She’s bitter,

She’s tired,

See her face.


She’s still young,

It’s tragic,

Listen well.


Her sad face ….

The beauty,

I touch it.


Stroke her hair,

It’s her will,

I will her.


I’m begging

For respite,

At a loss.



Is bought and

Sold with souls.


Go missing

In the woods,

Out of time.


She’s mindful,

They have rights,

They’re ignored.


Don’t thank me,

You broke me,

It’s absurd.


There’s belief,

Hope’s long gone,

Speak to me.


I listen,

I forgot,

I knew well.


There’s no time,

Fortune’s yours,

Read my palm.


Dry tea leaves:

They’re poison,

Come around.


Have a drink,

Sing a song,

Don’t look back.


Pump stomachs,

Die instead,

Step aside.


Turn corners,

You’re blinded

By mirrors.


Shatter glass,

Say a prayer,

There’s no need.


It’s epic,

Winding roads,



Straight to hell,

Different hands

Reply no.


Now I long,

She’s weeping

On the fence.


Take a stand

Behind shields,

Fight with swords.


Become one,




The classic


Near an end.


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