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December 7, 2018

It’s unending,

I told a lie,

I deny knowing.


Brothers and sisters,

The same room,

Night and day,

Locked in an attic,

It’s been years,

Decades of life,

Of education,

She’s enthused,

He goes missing.


It breaks down,

Holes in the roof,

Let the rain in,

It’s snowing,

It’s hailing,

We’re freezing,

Buckets of water,

Cold water.


Temperate climates,

Follow their lead,

They offer fortunes,

It’s quite impressive.


I don’t know his name,

He’s of importance,

He stands on altars.


Touch a doorframe,

Kiss your hand,

Pray to some god,

He’s not righteous,

I say he’s false.


Next week we’re damned,

We can’t pay the rent,

We’re on the street,

We’re tied down.


It’s a fetish,

They can’t tell,

It’s a waste,

I’m flat on my face.


He cries and cries,

I lose patience,

They’re too young,

I’m mad with power.


A knife’s to my throat,

I’m declared guilty,

A single bullet,

A quiet courthouse.


I’m world-weary,

I proofread the text,

It’s most dull,

I made a promise,

I broke her heart,

She’s out the back,

I hear her weeping.


I back out of rooms,

I look through windows,

Dirty windows,

Dead end streets.


Turn and run,

There’s danger near,

Sit yourself down.


Why did he visit?

Why did she?

I’m in the centre,

Take a day,

Maybe two,

See the sights,

I know them all.


He’s hungry,

He’s gluttonous,

I pay him no heed.


No children allowed,

It’s rough here,

There’s no use.


The room’s in a state,

Blood’s splattered,

We don’t know whose.


In the wild night,

Call upon me,

Step on cracks,

Break your back,

Take a stand,

Take your hand.


She’s in love,

She’s a dove,

Quite a delight,

Quite a fright.


Come upon a star,

Fallen from afar,

The sky lights up,

My soul goes thump.


Nervously ponder,

As we grow fonder,

A fire’s yonder.


Impossible dreams,

Violent screams,

Hide behind screens.


She’s a motor,

Trance-like flutter,

Play the ponies,

They’re only phonies.


An hour of peace,

Then there’s a feast,

At length we’re fleeced.


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