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February 3, 2019

Too busy in his arms,

The moment passed,

To it I say adieu.


To her I say adieu,

I’ll always miss her,

I can’t find her ….

How is her name spelt?

What’s her child’s name?

Unplanned child,

Cursed child,

She stole my heart,

Child on a carousel,

Smiling face,

Named after a song.


I’ll be in touch,

So she said,

Happy birthday,

Then she was gone.


So I stay in his arms,

A most innocent embrace,

It’s misunderstood,

They believe me sincere,

It’s hard to fathom.


An absurd streak,

He’s lost interest,

I’m of no more use,

Stand side by side ….

No more.


Wait in the dark,

I’ll be there soon,

I’ll be home soon,

I’ll be in his arms,

Precious arms,

Loving arms.


He’s compassionate,

There’s no passion,

He’s warm against me,

It’s cold,

Damn this air ….


The air’s heavy,

There’s been drinking,

He’s destroyed by alcohol,

By cigarettes,

Old before his time.


It costs a fortune,

Hear your fortune,

You’ll die young,


That’s fine.


Fine wine,

Wine and dine,

She’s not mine,

She’ll never be by my side,

Every second line,

It rhymes,

It’s approximate.


Lose days to lust,

Lose days to sleep,

To bed,

It’s a prison,

His arms ….


He’s quite sad,


He wrote masterworks,

They bore me.


I know his name,

He’s widely known,

Unknown by me,

He’s known in Japan,

Japan, where he spent his best years.


You don’t deserve it,

You need to earn it,

You need acquaintances,

There’s one, two,

There are ….



A video,

Forgive me

…. thirty minutes.


Read my palm,

You’ll be forever dear,

One day I’ll be alone,

Babies, not a one,

Take me from my home,

Off to an asylum I go,

I count down days,

I count down minutes,

Eighteen minutes ….


It takes an eternity,

Introduce yourself,

I’ve nothing to add,

I’m in his arms,

I don’t speak,

I refuse his lips.


He was ignored,


Thanks for your choices,

It’s all I know.



In his arms,

A scandal,

Five minutes ….


Hear yourself,

See yourself,

Hair tied back,

It’s manageable,

It misses the mark,

Fifteen seconds ….

It’s time.


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