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February 4, 2019

What’s left to say?

It’s everywhere he turns,

Fall from on high,

Oncoming train ….


He was young,

She was younger,

Now she’s older,

A glass of wine,

White wine, a suit,



Her darling eyes,

Her innocence,

She was years away,

She had no troubles,

She smiled ….



Protect her,

Hold her,

Foot in his mouth,

She doesn’t mind,

She didn’t ….


A late night,

A bar,

A drive home,

Regrets ….


A discussion,

It had no end,

Where is he now?

Do angels guide him?

Devils surround him.


Was it worth it?

A diagnosis,

It doomed him,

It doomed her,

Forever, she’ll wonder.


He was broken,

He’ll be forgotten,

He’s forgotten,

This was his desire,

This is a supposition.


What’s this accent?

The last second’s weak,

A weak moment,

A bathroom light,

A mirror ….


Just name it,

He’s a critic,

He can’t sing,

He plays the guitar ….

Lonely rooms.


Break her heart,

There was love,

He forsook her,

Now she’s sorry,

There’s no need.


She’s in peace,

He’s in pieces,

He’s crushed,

He’s shattered.


A birthday party,

Who was celebrated?

The firstborn?

He’s married off,

He’s lost,

She’s married off,

She’s back home,

She’s with mother,

Her husband’s there,

He’s beside her,

Who’s behind her?

Her twin ….


She’s in glasses,

She dreamt,

Lowly dreams,

She made it ….

Not far.


Her beauty,

Her charms,

Step out of the shadows,

It’s dark,

It’s June,

June the twenty fourth,

Wait six months,

It’s summer,

Spend it indoors.


There are no tears

At the funeral,

He chose his own path,

His own fate,

There’s no way back ….


Sing the chorus,

Sing the blues,

There are rats underfoot,

Strike fear into hearts.


Where’s he off to?

To buy a rose,

A single red rose,

A love letter ….


She was months away,

A fresh start,

There’s little joy,

Wait a while ….


It’s early,

Welcome the son,

The sun ….


All’s hidden,

What was his secret?

He took it to the grave.


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