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February 5, 2019

What would he know of it?

He has it all,

We have nothing,

We watch with awe,

He stares blindly,

He’s bewildered,

He’s near the bottom,

We’re at the bottom,

Here’s a ladder,

The wood’s rotted,

Termite infested.


What’s on today?

My bed calls to me,

Buy groceries,

A full day,

Sleep, a stroll,

Leave well alone,

You’ve been warned.


There are stepping stones,

I’m trembling,

I’m shivering,

Tomorrow’s too late,

I can’t make it,

I’ve a new purpose,

A one-way street,

A dead end street.


Leave well alone!

The money’s hers,

You handed it over.


Where’s the difference?

What’s the point?

It went for too long,

It’s broken down,

This, my home, is broken,

Break a hole in the wall,

The wall above the kitchen,

The kitchen cabinets.


You’re invited!

We’ll rob you blind,

She’s gone from bad to worse,

She’s moving up in the world,

She’s heading north,

The cold north,

Down south: blistering summers.


He’s on the guitar?

Who accompanies him?

His old friends,

She’s my old friend,

Statutory rape,

She was young,

She was younger,

She was ignored.


She’s on the drums,

Is that a question?

No. She’s on the drums,

A t-shirt, shorts,

An Italian restaurant,

An Asian restaurant,

Do the dishes,

Come out,

Say hello,

A quiet corner:

She’s desirable,

I was her driver,

She drove a beat.


Who’s on the bass guitar?

Who’s on her way to the concert?

Emily. Emily the second,

She’s younger, young,

I was her driver,

Record a song,

A well known song.


Receive the wrong calls,

Make the wrong calls.


What happened to her innocence?

Her purity?

She cut off her hair,

How may I help you?

My hair’s long, longer.


Pass her on the street,

We’re unrecognisable,

She’s beside me,

I’m nervous,

We’re alone,

The world sees us

Then we’re gone.


He’s waiting,

He comes running,

Golfing attire,

The wrong place ….



Trembling leg,

Ride the clutch,

Change gears,

Change direction,

Ask for directions.


She’s married?

Is that a question?

She married a sweet young thing,

She’s a brute.


Are you interested?

Not at all,

When were we in touch?

Late November,

Why now?

Why not then?


The salary’s dismal,

I’m free of constraints,

Dollars and cents,

It’s useless,

It makes no sense,

Leave well alone ….


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