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February 6, 2019

It floats back up,

She calls up,

She’s inconvenienced,

I’m glad.


Eight o’clock,

I wait,


No coffee,

It’s empty,

I feel better.


Brush your teeth,

Not today,

This morning,

A wait,

Who listens?

Who cares?


A warm winter,

Snow came,

It melted,

Avoid summers,

Fly north, south.


Wednesday becomes Thursday,

She had him first,

She had him last,

He’s at peace,

He’s alone.


We’ll be there soon,

Between ten and six,

Sit and wait,

A brief absence.


So, you don’t care?

Not at all,

There was a problem,

More falsehoods,

Resolve the issue,

It’s fantasy.


Streams of water,

My hair’s dry,

Will I shave?

Do my hair?

Beauty regime,

Most beautiful,

Of course.


How’s it done?

Take apart my home,

My life,

Forget yesterday,

Tomorrow won’t be,

This is the hope,

The plan.


Who’s better than him?

Who’s better qualified?

Save souls,

Hold your breath,

All was fine ….


Remember ….

He doesn’t know,

She lives a dream,

My nightmare,


Return home,

Where is home?

It’s underground,

It’s rubble.


Sleep, curtains open,

See the world,

It’s alive,

It’s untrue,

Run instead.


Call your landlord,

That’s you,

You’re afraid,

Do this for me,

That’s why I won,

Why he chose me,

It’s perfect,

I’m done.


You’re invisible,

A glass of wine,

Order at the bar,

The drinks arrive,

Beer ….


Close windows,

Contemplate existence,

What’s down below?

Boiling water,

Plastic pipes.


It’s refreshing,

Pay him off,

Say that it’s better,



They all lie,

I lied well,

I was forced.


She was a horror,


‘You’ll know when it’s over’,

I knew,

You remained,

A dreary home,

No colour,

A plant,


A gift.


You owe nothing,

I’m free,

I will be,

Cut off the water,


Remain dirtied.


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